Unlock the Capital

For Entrepreneurs and Investors from All Walks of Life

One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs is accessing growth capital. If we want to build a healthy innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial community, this is a problem we cannot afford to ignore. Unlocking capital for entrepreneurs in our community through collaboration and network building is just one of the many ways Accelerate Okanagan is supporting founders and companies of all types and at every stage of growth.

The OKGN Angel Summit is designed to bridge the gap between companies looking for growth capital and investors looking for investable companies. The 5th annual OKGN Angel Summit is back with it’s 10-week program that starts January 2023. This year, we’re excited to be able to bring investors and companies together to connect in person during the program’s pitch events after two years!

For details and more information on the Summit, please our visit website.


Journey to the Summit

10-Week PROGRAm

Applications & Reviews

Investors meet and gain details around the investing process. Reviews are conducted on every business that has applies.

Quarter-Finalists Selected

24 businesses are chosen to pitch at the Quarter Finals. All of the selected companies receive training for investment readiness.

Top 24 Pitch to Investors

Top 24 deliver 3-minute pitches to investors, followed by breakouts rooms and networking time between companies and investors.

Semi-Finalists Selected

The list of participating businesses is narrowed down to 12. Remaining companies receive additional investment training.

Top 12 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 10-minute pitches to investors, followed by breakouts rooms and networking time between companies and investors.

Finalists Selected

Investors reduce the number of participants down to the final 6. Companies and investors receive training in the due diligence process.

Due Diligence Investigation

Investors break into teams and undergo the due diligence process with finalists, diving deep into the structure and viability of the remaining businesses.

The Finale

In a public grand finale, the final 6 companies make their last 5-minute pitch to investors. Investors deliberate and announce who will take home an investment of up to $250K.

Elevate Your Pitch

Climb to the Summit

Building a business is challenging. Are you a founder of growing a company in Western Canada that’s looking for investment to help scale? Join the climb to the 2023 OKGN Angel Summit and open yourself to a world of possibilities.

Participating companies will have opportunities to learn alongside fellow entrepreneurs and network with active investors as they work their way towards the March 2023 Finale. Cost to participate is $249 if purchased on or before December 5, or if you are an Accelerate Okanagan member. $349 if purchased after December 5.



Angels at the Summit

Invest in the 2023 Fund

We’ve learned that investors have the ability to perform better when they are investing as a group and learning from diverse perspectives. If you are a new or experienced investor who wants to see change in the world, the OKGN Angel Summit is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Investors must be accredited to participate. Many individuals working in tech qualify to be accredited but just don’t know it yet. Investing the fund is a total cost of $5500.00 CAD, with $5,000.00 for adding to the Fund and $500 for administrative fees.



The Grande Finale

Save a seat for March 16

The OKGN Angel Summit Finale is the culmination of a 10-week program where startup entrepreneurs and accredited investors are trained in the capital-raising process. On March 16th, six remaining companies will make their final pitch for an investment of up to $250K.

In addition to a giant cheque, the Summit Finale is really about celebrating community and strengthening connections in Western Canada’s startup ecosystem. This year, we are excited to host the Summit Finale in person at the Kelowna Innovation Centre. After two years, we are looking forward to bringing investors, companies and the community together for an evening of pitches, keynote addresses and networking.


Save Your Seat

This experience has been fantastic for me. I’ve relearned how to connect with investors and learned what they care about. I feel like I now know how to communicate my message to potential investors.

Jin Choi, Founder of ENJINE

2021 OKGN Angel Summit Finalist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

The cost to apply for the program is $349, but early birds and Accelerate Okanagan members receive a $100 discount.

What is included in the program fee?

Your program fee provides access to exclusive training, discounted ticket to the finale, access to experts, and much more!

Is my company at the right stage to apply?

The Summit exists to support early-stage companies that are seeking $100k – $1M in investment. We are seeking companies that have a prototype developed, have identified their early adopters, and are looking to grow and scale.

What does the training include?

In the pre-training workshops, you will learn more about the overall landscape of financing your business and will learn how to determine if your business is ready to raise capital, what investors are looking for, and what the process entails. Through the 10-week training, guided by a facilitator (mentor/investor) you will receive guidance on pitching and presenting, legal instruments used in angel investing, and how to prepare for due diligence. Finalists receive additional pitch-prep support at each stage of the program.

If I win, how much equity will I be giving up?

The amount of equity exchanged for the investment will be different for each company. The Fund Manager will negotiate these terms with you, and you will receive training and advice on term sheets throughout the program.

Do I need to participate in person?

You can participate in the training sessions, as well as the Quarter and Semifinals virtually, but if you make it to the top 6 you will be expected to pitch in person at our public finale in Kelowna on March 16th, 2023.

How much time do I need to commit as an investor?

Time commitment will fluctuate over the course of the program but active investors can expect to spend 3-4 hours a week on the OKGN Angel Summit. Depending on your individual approach to reviewing applications or scheduling meetings, this time can change.

Do investors need to attend every session?

We know that everyone is busy and may have other obligations but we do expect that active investors will attend most of the sessions. The more you participate, the more you will get from the experience. This program is a group experience and not attending can impact the value of the program for other investors.

Does the fund have an investment thesis?

The fund itself does not have an investment thesis. An informal investment thesis may emerge within the group but, at the Finale, the group must come to a consensus as to who is the best company that the group wants to make their investment in.

Who manages the investment fund?

The fund is a limited partnership and the general partner of the fund is the OKGN Angel Investment Society. This society has a board of 3 directors with terms of 3 years each.  The Society manages the fund alongside Accelerate Okanagan who oversees, coordinates and organizes the OKGN Angel Summit program.