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The OKGN Angel Summit is a 10-week program designed to educate investors and startup companies from across British Columbia.

Over the course of the program, Accelerate Okanagan helps companies learn about the capital-raising process and how to effectively build relationships with prospective investors. Investors will receive training to actively learn how to vet companies, provide feedback, and perform due diligence in helping to support early-stage companies.

For details and more information on the Summit, please our visit website.


What to Expect


Applications & Reviews

Investors meet and gain details around the investing process. Reviews are conducted on every business that has applied for the Summit.

Quarter-Finalists Selected

24 businesses are chosen to continue the program. The selected companies receive training for investment readiness.

Top 24 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 3-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

Semi-Finalists Selected

The list of participating businesses is narrowed down to 12. Those companies receive additional investment training.

Top 12 Pitch to Investors

The finalists deliver 10-minute pitches to investors, followed by an opportunity for breakout conversations between companies and investors.

Finalists Selected

Investors reduce the number of participants down to the final 6. Companies and investors receive training in the due diligence process.

Due Diligence Investigation

Companies and investors undergo the due diligence process, diving deep into the structure and viability of the final 6 companies.

The Finale

The community is invited to a grand finale where they can watch the final 6 companies provide their last 5-minute pitch to investors. Investors do their final deliberation and announce who will take home the winning investment.


Pitching At The Summit

Are you growing a company that’s looking for investment? Join the OKGN Angel Summit and open yourself to a world of possibilities.






Investing at the Summit

Are you a potential investor who wants to see change in the world? The OKGN Angel Summit is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.







This experience has been fantastic for me. I’ve relearned how to connect with investors and learned what they care about. I feel like I now know how to communicate my message to potential investors.

Jin Choi, Founder of ENJINE

2021 OKGN Angel Summit Finalist

Big Things Are Happening

Get Ready. Get Excited.

Learn more about the OKGN Angel Summit by visiting the website.

Visit OKGNangelsummit.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a tech company to participate?

Nope! Any company is eligible to apply.

Why do I have to pay a fee as a participating company?

The fee is not a fee to pitch. Instead, it’s a program fee which allows access to training, the finale, experts, and much more as you progress through the summit.

Can I edit my application if I apply early?

Yes! All applications submitted early can be edited up until the official deadline.

I am new to investing, am I still a fit?

Yes! Both new and existing investors can participate in the summit. This is a great opportunity to learn, build connections, and network with the BC startup community.

What is the time commitment for Investors?

There is a 2-5 hour per week time commitment for 10 weeks (depending on what activities are happening). This is not time sitting in a classroom being lectured, it’s hands-on investing which includes learning how to review applications, vet pitches, and conduct due diligence.

What is the time commitment for companies?

There is a 2-5 hour per week time commitment for the 10 weeks of actual programming. Depending on your experience with raising capital, you may need to put in additional time to prepare materials such as pitch decks, data room, and definition valuation.

Do I have to be located in the Okanagan/Kelowna to participate?

Companies from across BC are eligible to participate. Investors do need to be located in the Okanagan, however. If you fall outside of these geographical boundaries we would be happy to connect and share other opportunities for you to engage.