Online Market Validation Training

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Startup Basics was developed for startup founders, early-stage entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to explore a business idea. Our online market validation training is a self-paced learning tool that teaches the foundations building a business plan and developing a go-to-market strategy. Each module guides the participant through transforming an idea into a startup, with a focus on ideation and customer validation.

The Startup Basics Market Validation Training program is available to all Accelerate Okanagan members through our website. Members can log in and access the program at anytime through the member’s dashboard.



What to Expect


Online Cirriculum

Utilize a structured online program to develop entrepreneurial foundations and best practices for establishing a business.


Self-paced Learning

Explore and complete the modules at your own pace. This allows you to test new ideas and business models at anytime.


Carefully Curated

Curriculum has been developed by experts and uses real-world examples to demonstrate the startup process.

Ideas to Development

Online Market Validation Training

Each module focuses on a different aspect of starting a business.

  • Define your competitive advantage
  • Explore your role as a founder
  • Create a business model
  • Validate your idea
  • Identify your customers
  • Position yourself in the market
  • Develop your minimum viable product
  • Define what success looks like



Ready to get started?

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Why We Built This

Startup Basics Market Validation Training gives individuals the foundations for starting a business and developing an entrepreneurial mind set.

The entrepreneurial journey is daunting and getting started is challenging. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes a lot of bad ideas to get to a good idea. At Accelerate Okanagan we want to see aspiring entrepreneurs explore their ideas, test their theories, and develop new products.


Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a company yet, is Startup Basics still a fit?

Yes! Even if you are just looking to dip your toes into entrepreneurship without an idea in mind, Startup Basics is a great fit.

How is Startup Basics structured?

Startup Basics uses curated online self-led learning modules to provide entrepreneurs to provide valuable knowledge to help you start your business. You can stay up to date on available training by joining our newsletter.

Do I have to finish training all at once?

No. You can complete the training modules at your own pace. The benefit of if self-led learning is that it can fit within your schedule.

Are there any peer-to-peer aspects to Startup Basics?

No. Startup Basics has transitioned into an entirely online and self-led learning experience. Startup Basics can be a useful tool for preparing your business to join our Venture Acceleration Program.

I've completed the online Startup Basics training, what's next?

Entrepreneurs who are ready to commit to their business idea can leverage other Accelerate Okanagan programs to continue the learning journey. Contact us to learn what’s a fit for you and your company.