ThreeSixty Supports Scaling Startups

Blog October 11, 2023

Posted by Thuy Tran

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Running a startup poised to scale?

Whether you’re raising capital or exploring strategic exits, ThreeSixty can prepare you to take the next leap.

As the newest program to AO’s Acceleration Stack, ThreeSixty is an executive coaching program, designed to support high-growth startup CEOs and leadership teams as they prepare to scale. ThreeSixty is best suited for startups seeking Seed to Series A funding, and provides wrap around support from a hand-picked team of Accelerate Okanagan’s Executives-in-Residence, Investors-In-Residence, and subject matter experts. 


Preparation is critical for executing on short and long term fundraising strategies. Founders who are new to venture capital or are looking to make their first exit are facing a steep learning curve. From navigating the due diligence process, setting up the deal structure, and on-going deal management; the level of effort and consideration required looks very different from previous rounds from friends, family, angels, or grant funding. 

“There is an intensity that comes with this level of fundraising. A diligent angel investor may spend 20 hours on their due diligence, which can be a lot effort for a startup founder to manage, however Venture Capital firms have teams that will spend 60-80 hours diving deep into all aspects of your business, your competition, and your exit strategy,” says Grant Lawrence, Investor-in-Residence.

Grant has dedicated his career to supporting founders and investors alike. He has been an active investor since 2015 and worked with many investment groups and pitch competitions across western Canada. Most noteably, with Valhalla Angels managing their BC chapters in Kelowna and Vancouver, and co-founding Valhalla Private Capital. He has 20+ years in the B2B environment where he has built and ran international sales teams. He is also Board Partner at Startup Studio and VP of Investor Relations at UpCapital. 

“In an effort to help scaling companies navigate the current funding climate, ThreeSixty helps founders solve known challenges and uncover hidden barriers to growth”, says Grant Lawrence. “Participants will come out of ThreeSixty with a clear understanding of the preparation required to raise Seed or Series A, and a game plan in place to fill-in any gaps”.

What To Expect

Team Approach: Guidance from a team of Executives-in-Residence, Investors-in-Residence and subject matter experts. 

Capital Coaching: Develop your financial acumen with your Investor-In-Residence.

Flexible Timeline: Customized meeting schedule. Engagements typically lasting 6-12 months. 

Network Building: Connect with peers, investors, and members of the broader innovation and capital ecosystem.

Strategic Reviews: Quarterly meetings to reflect on strategies and adapt as needed.

Who’s It For

Fundraising Startups: Established market, looking to raise Seed to Series A.

High-Growth Potential: Startups with ability to scale.

Performance Prepared: Ready for fundraising and refining financial models.

Growth Mindset: Teams seeking access to expertise, accountability, and business network.

Sector Agnostic: Startups in all sectors that are on a pathway to scale or exit.

BC-Based Startups: Located in British Columbia. Option for in-person meetings if located in the Okanagan. 

ThreeSixty is currently open to applications on a rolling intake. If you’re interested in ThreeSixty but not sure if is a fit for your business, book a discovery call with our team to learn more. 


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