201-460 Doyle Ave Kelowna

Immerse yourself in #OKGNtech. Located on the second floor of Kelowna’s Innovation Centre, OKGNworks is a shared space of entrepreneurs, creators, and community builders. Rent a desk, join a community!

Where the Okanagan Works

OKGNworks is an open concept coworking space. It caters to entrepreneurs and small teams with no shortage of coffee or meeting rooms. Working here, you will become fully immersed in Okanagan’s growing tech scene. This evolving community of entrepreneurs and innovators are shaping the future of #OKGNtech.

Monthly Tenancy

$350 / Month

At OKGNworks you can rent a dedicated desk in an open floor plan. You’ll get your own spot, office chair, and storage cabinet. This is a great setup for individuals or small teams. Contract terms are month-to-month with a three month commitment to start. Pricing starts at $350/month for Accelerate Okanagan members, and non-members are welcome to join for $450/month.



Annual Membership

$350 / Year

Tenant pricing is discounted for Accelerate Okanagan members. Membership options provide access to Accelerate Okanagan’s perks platform, job board, member library, event discounts, and more. These benefits are designed not only to support founders but also employees and teams.








The Perks

Lockable Storage

Printer Access

Mailing Address

2 Large Boardrooms

4 Meeting Rooms

5 Phone Booths

Shared Kitchen

Reception and Lounge

Coffee & Tea

We Saved You a Seat

Work Here

Fill out the application to join a growing co-working community, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and access resources designed to support your journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OKGNworks?

OKGNworks is a co-working space for entrepreneurs and founders to work, collaborate, grow their network, and access community resources and support in building their business. We are located downtown Kelowna, on the 2nd floor of the Innovation Centre. Learn more about the innovation centre here: kelownainnovationcentre.com

Who can work at OKGNworks?

OKGNworks is an open office space where founders, entrepreneurs, small teams, service providers, students, and remote workers can rent full-time desks or private office space. Our tenants are innovative, choose collaboration over competition, ask questions, and are generous with referrals and solicited advice.

Do I have to be a member to be an OKGNworks tenant?

No, you are not required to be an Accelerate Okanagan member to rent a desk in OKGNworks. However, becoming a member offers a significant discount on the monthly rent. The monthly rate for Accelerate Okanagan members is $350, while non-members pay $450/month.


What if my membership status changes while I am a tenant?

Your rate as a tenant is determined on a monthly basis depending on your membership status. If your membership expires and you fail to renew it, you will be charged the non-member rate of $450 per month. However, if you become a member during the month, your next invoice will reflect the member rate of $350 per month.


What meeting facilities do you offer? Can I book a meeting room?

Our meeting space consists of four small meeting rooms (max. occupancy of 4) and two large boardrooms (max. occupancy 12). Our boardroom is a flexible multi-use space which can be used for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or classroom-style workshops and is equipped as a Zoom Room for video conference calls.

Can I get a mailing address at OKGNworks?

All of our tenants are able to use our mailing address for their business.

Where can I park?

There are two city/Impark parking lots within a block of our downtown location that offer hourly, daily, and monthly parking rates. For short visits of two hours or less, you can use the metered street parking. There are also bike-locks located next to and within our building.

Do I have to be a tenant to use OKGNworks?

OKGNworks is a space which offers co-working and meeting room rentals. You do not have to be a member to use the space but members of Accelerate Okanagan can rent desks and access rooms at discounted rates.

Who operates OKGNworks?

OKGNworks is rooted in community collaboration and funded by the Provincial and Federal government. The Accelerate Okanagan team leads the day-to-day operations including tenancy, events, and programming.