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We give entrepreneurs the mentorship, connections, and community they need to build technology-driven ventures.



A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has the power to inspire innovation and transform community.


Continuous Acceleration

As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does our support model. Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ we deliver unique programming for different stages of growth. The reality is, each stage of the entrepreneurial process demands a different set of tools and we are constantly iterating in an effort to meet those needs.

Startup Basics is an online self-paced learning program split into distinct topics. Each session is designed to educate the entrepreneur on the fundamentals needed to transform their idea into a startup.
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Advisor Access provides small businesses a complimentary session with an experienced Business Advisor. They will help business owners better engage with the changing digital economy and online landscape.
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The program is designed to keep founders accountable and focused while providing best practices and the mentorship required to support early-stage growth and find product/market fit.
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W Venture is a personalized program for entrepreneurial women seeking to grow their business. You will receive a curated experience with hands-on individualized support, subject matter expertise and a peer community of ambitious women.
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The OKGN Angel Summit is for entrepreneurs and new and experienced investors to learn and engage in angel investing. From investor relations, vetting and feedback, due diligence, and pitching.
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RevUP connects established companies and their leadership team with experienced mentors to help them scale their businesses through customized action plans and targeted skill development for both founders and leadership teams.
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Strategic Focus

There are three key areas of focus that serve as the backbone to Accelerate Okanagan’s various initiatives. By following these guiding principles, we’re helping #OKGNtech continue to grow—living into our title as one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech communities.

Engage the Willing

Through authentic relationship building, we engage the willing, mobilize the masses, and create a strong sense of belonging and a thriving community.

Unlock the Capital

Through collaboration and network building, we unlock the capital needed to support founders and companies of all types and at every stage of growth.

Coach the Leaders

Through strong mentorship, we coach leaders who are inspired to drive innovation, propel the economy and ultimately build successful anchor companies in our region.

Values Driven

One Team. One Dream.

We are a team of big dreamers and proud community builders. These values drive our mission and are key to how we approach our work.

Meet Our Team
We choose boldness, act with agility and learn from failure.
We are intentional collaborators, creating brave spaces for every voice.
We are effective in our delivery, accountable for results and clear on our purpose.
We support businesses, balanced founders, and healthy communities.

It's all here, now. All that's missing is you.

Let's Change That

Growing a company? Interested in becoming a member? Or just want to learn more about the Okanagan and the tech sector? Whatever the case may be, we want to hear about what you are working on and see how we can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Accelerate Okanagan a non-profit?

Yes! While we generate some revenue from services like membership and mentorship, most of our funding comes from government programs. We also receive financial support from our partners, patrons, and sponsors. This allows us to continue providing great support to #OKGNtech without a big price tag.

What areas does Accelerate Okanagan support?

Accelerate Okanagan supports communities from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm. We just opened up a new innovation centre in Vernon!

I’m new to tech/the Okanagan, how can I plug into the tech community?

There are lots of ways to get connected with the Okanagan’s tech community, but networking with members can be the best opportunity. Take a look at our events page to see if anything catches your interest. You’re bound to meet some cool people!

Okay, but what does Accelerate Okanagan do?

TL;DR: Anything we can to support entrepreneurs. Whether it’s connecting them with mentors, coaching, services, partners, or whatever else an entrepreneur may need, chances are we have something to offer.

Q: Can I use Accelerate Okanagan’s lounge?

A: Due to COVID-19, our lounge is currently not open to the public. But, on any other non-pandemic day, our lounge would be open to the community to enjoy!

What about the coffee? Can I have some of it? It smells good.

Unfortunately, our coffee is for members and OKGNworks tenants. You can sign up for membership (there are more perks than just coffee, we promise) or there is a Blenz coffee shop located on the first floor of the Innovation Centre.

How do I know which program I should apply to?

You don’t have to! If you’re not sure which program is the right fit for where you and your company are, our team can help find the program that’s just right. Apply using our general program application and we’ll figure it out together.

Am I tech enough?

Probably! At Accelerate Okanagan we believe every company can be a tech company. We’re happy to talk more about your business and how Accelerate Okanagan can find the right support you need..

I don’t think I’m ready to join a program just yet…

When joining a mentorship program, it is important to be committed to the process. There are lots of ways to get involved in the #OKGNtech community, connect with our team to find the fit for you.

The times required by the programs are too demanding

We can definitely understand how busy life can get. But, if you can’t dedicate the time towards yourself and your business, how are you going to improve! As the old adage goes: work smart not hard.

I don’t want to have a mentor, they’ll criticize my business

They probably will. But, they’re only sharing recommendations and advice that they see would make drastic improvements to the sustainability of your business! The mentor-founder relationship is one of trust and empathy. Our mentors have all been entrepreneurs, and they’ve all received mentorship throughout their careers. They understand the journey you’re going through and want to make the experience as pleasant and uplifting as possible. They want you to succeed, after all!