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As part of our ongoing mission to support and develop new and growing technology-driven businesses, we assess the economic impact of the tech sector in the Okanagan. Accelerate Okanagan commissioned the most recent study in partnership with the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission. It was conducted by a third-party researcher through Small Business BC. The goal of these studies is to ultimately assist in attracting new talent, companies, and potential investors to the Okanagan, as well as inform policymakers and the media

The Numbers


Tech Workforce in the Okanagan


Economic Impact of OKGNtech


Tech Businesses in the Okanagan

We are thrilled to see the consistent growth indicated by our findings. They’re proof of what those working in the Okanagan tech sector have known for a long time, the Okanagan is ripe with potential for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Brea Lake, CEO

Accelerate Okanagan

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OKGo is a partnership between the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, Tourism Kelowna, and Accelerate Okanagan. OKGo highlights the stories of key business sectors in the Okanagan; Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Agriculture, Viticulture, and Technology.


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