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Blog July 22, 2021

Posted by Jenna Stasuk

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The number of challenges and risks a CEO will face while scaling their business is infinite.

Whether it’s about creating sustainable revenue, expanding products and services into new markets, or developing an effective leadership team, there will always be decisions to make and more work to do. But what if you spent time working on the business? And not in the business.

That is the purpose of joining RevUP. It’s a six to twelve month engagement that connects CEOs and their senior leadership team with experienced Executives-in-Residence (EiRs) and industry experts. This program is designed to tackle rapid-growth issues and promote future success. Companies that join RevUP have an established leadership team, customer base, growing revenue, and are organizing to scale.

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RevUP is a unique accelerator program delivered and developed by Accelerate Okanagan. Participating in RevUP allows scaling companies to completely customized the engagement to support the specific needs of the business, with a focus on optimizing performance. A growth-orientated action plan, in conjunction with targeted skill development for CEOs and senior leadership team members, ensures the program lives up to it’s name. 

Common Focus Areas 

    • Predictable and sustainable revenue models
    • Preparations for raising and receiving capital
    • Team & leadership skill development
    • Strategy & internal process efficiency 
    • Improved financial literacy 
    • Data-driven decision making

What to Expect

It all starts with a deep dive session to identify challenges and create an actionable growth plan. Accountability and transparency are key components in the success and effectiveness of a RevUP engagement. By leveraging our EiRs and industry experts, we’ll build a support team that will meet regularly with the CEOs and leadership team to develop strategic goals and implement methods to achieve them.

1. Customized Plan

A customized action plan will be co-created with the business executives and Accelerate Okanagan team that is designed to solve pain points, advanced leadership skills and accelerate growth. 

2. Mentorship and Coaching

Access is everything. While on RevUP, companies can access the Accelerate Okanagan team of EiRs and industry experts. These individuals coach and mentor through-out the program, providing strategic guidance, critical feedback, and support to ensure success.  

3. Quarterly Strategy Sessions

Companies perform better when they set clear goals and have space to reflect and learn from them quarter over quarter. These sessions are meant to expand your capabilities as a leader, hold you accountable, and access executive view points on progress & strategy.

4. Team Approach

In addition to working with our EiRs and industry experts, RevUP encourages CEOs to include their senior leaders in the engagement. This inclusion creates greater accountability, clearer strategy, and ultimately, accelerated growth.

We’ve assisted over 70 companies through RevUP — helping them to achieve an average annual revenue of nearly $2 million. Companies can join the RevUP program at any time as there are no set start dates. It really is about creating a plan that works for the business. Companies generally join RevUP for 6-12 months, with leaders in the organization meeting with mentors every other week for an hour or two.

RevUP, designed and built at Accelerate Okanagan, has also been delivered across Canada in partnership with accelerators in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, the Kootenays, and Belleville, Ontario. Bananatag, Yeti Farm Creative, and Piscine Energetics are just a few local champions of the RevUP program and are contributing significantly to the growth of the Okanagan.

You can apply for RevUP here or  learn more about how Accelerate Okanagan supports entrepreneurs at every stage here.

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