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Accelerate Your Growth. Scale Your Business.

Our RevUP program is designed to help tackle rapid-growth issues and promote future success through customized action and a curated team of mentors and experts who have the industry knowledge and business experience.


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What to Expect

Customized Plan

Customized plans designed to solve pain points and accelerate growth. This starts with a deep dive to understand the opportunities and challenges. From there, a tailored scope of work will be developed.

Mentorship and Coaching

CEO and leadership team members will have access to a curated team of mentors and experts who have the industry and business experience to help provide strategic feedback, guidance, and support.

Targeted Training

Targeted workshops focused on customer acquisition, capital management, and operational excellence as well as access to subject matter experts, market opportunities, and networking.


Opportunities to interact with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs at a monthly peer-to-peer meet up driven by CEOs at similar venture stages to support each other and candidly share challenges and lessons-learned in a confidential, safe environment.

RevUP is for you if…


You’re navigating a high-growth business in the Okanagan Valley from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm.


You have an established revenue model and product-market fit.


You post revenue and actively scaling your business.

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Why We Built This

Starting a business is a challenge; however, once you’ve successfully built a foundation, your company is going to start growing—introducing a new unique set of obstacles and learnings.

Every entrepreneur will experience different challenges in scaling their business and making it sustainable. Whether it’s leadership practices, financial stability, team building or expanding into new markets, Accelerate Okanagan wants to support the growth of both your business and yourself as an entrepreneur.

We want to give you the tools you need to take your company across the finish line. That’s why we created a program that can be fully customized to your exact needs.


The mentors at Accelerate Okanagan have a range of skill that has had a huge impact on our business. We’ve changed a lot of processes and added controls that have made our company more organized and better equipped to scale.

Darryl Denyes, Clever

RevUP Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our RevUp mentorship engagement is customized to the unique needs of your business. In order to keep RevUP accessible to growing companies, the program is subsidized by the provincial and federal government. Typically, the client fee for the program starts at $1500 per month.

We’re too big of a company to receive mentorship

RevUP is designed for scaling businesses. Every company of every size can and can benefit from mentorship. There is always someone who can lend advice or best practices for you to action. No company is done growing, and no leader is ever done learning.

Who are your EiRs?

You can meet all of the EiRs that you may get plugged into here.

Why do I need to access RevUP?

RevUP is built to help companies grow in a sustainable way while receiving the specialized expert support they need. You can learn more about some of these success stories here.