Guidance for Small Business

Navigating Next Steps

Innovation is key to economic recovery and developing strong and resilient businesses in the Okanagan. Advisor Access can help you identify changes you can make today so you can better engage with changing economy and digital landscape.  Connect with an Advisor to discuss topics like; digital strategy setting, improving online offerings, access to grants, funding, and resources and general business coaching. 



How It Works


Complete the quick in-take form to apply


Get matched with an Advisor to assess your business


Take action on solutions that work for you

What To Expect


Advisor Access is completely complimentary. Any small business owner located from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm can access this service. Our Advisors are available to you at no cost and no obligation. The time commitment depends on your specific needs.


We’ll match you with an experienced Business Advisor that makes sense for your business. Together, you will discuss your vision for your business and what barriers you are facing.  If we can’t help you with implementing the actions we recommend, we will make suggestions on who can.

Level Up Local

New Grant Opportunity

Accelerate Okanagan and Prospera Credit Union have joined forces to support small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to upgrade or embed technology in their business. It can cover a wide range of initiatives like; optimizing SEO, creating social media and digital marketing campaigns, website development, or even software and hardware costs that can enable business growth.


Why We Built This

At Accelerate Okanagan, we are on a mission to make sure that all business owners have access to what they need to move their business forward. We believe innovation is key to economic recovery and developing strong and resilient businesses. Now more than ever, utilizing technology and understanding the changing landscape of the digital economy is essential to success and sustainability. Luckily the Okanagan is brimming with talented technology experts and service providers ready to help business owners.


Frequently Asked Questions

My business isn’t tech, can I still participate?

Yes! Advisor Access is designed to support any small or medium-sized business in the Okanagan region (Osoyoos to Salmon Arm). Whether or not you would consider yourself a tech business. We want to provide Advisor Access to every company that needs it.

Are the advisors paid?

Yes, they are paid for their time with the funding we’ve received from federal, provincial, and regional funding partners.

Can I choose which advisor I meet with?

No, the advisor you schedule time with will be based on your type of business and advisor availability. We want to make sure we’re pairing you with the individual with the most expertise to ensure that you receive the best advice possible.

My business isn’t in Kelowna, can I still participate?

Yes, Advisor Access is available to any business located in the Okanagan region—from Salmon Arm to Osoyooos. If you’re not sure if you fall within that region, reach out to us and we can let you know.

Is Advisor Access completely free?

Your meeting with the advisor will be completely free. These are usually 30-60 minute conversations. However, if you decide to work with a recommended Digital Service Provider to improve your business, there may be a cost associated with their time.