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Blog March 27, 2018

Posted by Jenna Stasuk

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Jenna Stasuk joins us as our new program columnist, starting with the first edition of #OKGNtech Startup News.

As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does Accelerate Okanagan’s support model. Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ we deliver unique programming designed to produce mentorship and coaching for startups, growth-stage companies, and everything in between. The reality is, each stage of the entrepreneurial process demands a different set of tools and we are constantly iterating in an effort to meet these needs.

Startup stage programs ensure founders remain focused on product and market validation, market penetration and expansion through play a vital role in the Okanagan tech community and nurturing at this stage is an essential service in a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On February 1st, 2018 we welcomed several new companies to join our startup stage programming. Here is a look at who they are and what they’re all about.

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RoadScan Canada provides a full solution for managing drivers and fleets with the use of on board video cameras, telematics, collision expert support and a risk management team through Capri Insurance. Connect with the founder of Roadscan Canada, Lee Hamilton. 

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925 Freelancing is introducing an app based approach to the temporary workforce by connecting business with temporary workers. For the average Canadian who wants to make extra money, 925 is an app that provides people with on-demand and flexible work. Unlike traditional job hunting, all you need to do is click and go. Whenever, wherever and for any business in need – no interview required. Connect with the founder of 925 Freelancing, Daniel Rondeau


Relex is an online directory connecting Lawyers and their clients with a Realtor to purchase or sell real estate. The lawyer receives a significant increase in their legal fees from an agreed percentage of the Realtor’s commission. The Realtor gains a new source of business revenue. The client (buyer or seller) receive services from their lawyer plus a realtor without paying legal closing costs (conveyance fees). Connect with the founder of Relex, Dean Witala

Central City Solar is completely focused on delivering solar products to the needs of business to business and the commercial building and development segments. They have identified the business/commercial segment of the solar energy market to be more profitable than residential as there are shorter payback periods and greater financial benefits to incentivize the consumer. Connect with the co-founders of Central City Solar, Nick Gallant, Cooper Simson and Josh Wiebe

Skill Garden is an online platform that matches novices looking to learn new skills with mentors that want to teach. We facilitate the connection between people who are looking to share their knowledge with people eager to learn. Connect with the co-founders of Skill Garden, Maizal Munif, Sherrilee Franks and Scott Campbell. 


Therabyte is a cloud-based clinical workflow solution for rehab therapy practitioners. It combines a suite of features to aid therapists during the processes of intake, assessment, treatment, communication, reporting and billing. Connect with the co-founders, Mike and Ashley Reina
If you would like to learn more about these new startups or want to chat about our current program stack, let’s connect
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