Entrepreneurs on the Rise Vol. 1

Blog June 1, 2021

Posted by Alanna Haggard

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This spring, we welcomed a brand new group of entrepreneurs to the Venture Acceleration Program (or VAP, as we like to call it). Over the next six months, these entrepreneurs will pivot, shift and grow their business as they progress through the program’s virtual workshops and mentorship sessions focused on validating their business model and finding product-market fit.

Here is a look at who they are and what they’re working on.

Depths of Comfort is a social and emotional learning platform for schools. It provides SEL skills as well as interventions for improving class and school culture.

Connect with Cole.

Proximy is an online marketplace that connects people to local experts that share their expertise through real human connection—in-person or online. On Proximy, people come together to learn, grow, and earn locally.

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For those who do not wish to date, yet are on dating sites simply to meet new people, MusterPoints is the answer. We offer our users the traditional approach of meeting new people, face-to-face, in a group setting. We also provide business owners with the opportunity to facilitate their own MusterPoints events in order to help drive their business.

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Savvy Plan provides financial planning software that teaches people how financial planning works and then gives them the tools to do it for themselves.

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Align is an app that allows the user to choose from 10 Align Tools and to set up goals for each area. It is holistic and addresses all areas of a user’s life.

Vestabul School of Design is an online business that educates and mentors people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry. It approaches learning from the Art, the Science and the Business of Design to enable students to take their career to the next level.

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Cloudtrac Services provides real-time GPS location information, vehicle status, and control of on and off-road vehicles that are vulnerable to theft, including motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs. The system enables vehicle owners to track and recover stolen vehicles. The goal is the reduction of the cost of third-party insurance.

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For consumers, Retail Rabbit is a universal search engine to shop for products in your local area making it easier than ever for local shoppers to find the products they want from local businesses they love. For wholesale brands and local businesses, Retail Rabbit is an innovative advertising and analytics platform with the power to market directly to local shoppers when they search, creating a new channel to drive traffic to local businesses and collect valuable search and purchase data.

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Made.Live is a publishing company using technology to streamline the production and distribution of educational material. Coldstream Tales is our premiere product.

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The Venture Acceleration Program is an initiative of Innovate BC that we are proud to offer in the Okanagan.

This program might be a fit for you? Check out our website to learn more about the Venture Acceleration Program, or submit your application to join the next cohort.

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