BC Venture Acceleration Program

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The Venture Acceleration Program is our most popular program due to its structured format and specific purpose. This six-month program is designed to support committed entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to market. Participating entrepreneurs will build life-long relationships with their peers as they work together through the startup process and engage with experienced mentors.

Participating entrepreneurs will have access to one-on-one business coaching, entrepreneurial training and resources, and access to exclusive services.

The Venture Acceleration Program is an initiative of Innovate BC.


What To Expect



An introduction to the program, peers, and Accelerate Okanagan network that can support throughout the various phases of the entrepreneurial journey.


One-on-one mentor sessions to coach through conceptual learning and provide honest and transparent feedback.

Quarterly Reviews

Board-like sessions to establish and reflect on goals, celebrate success and access experts to assist in company progress.

Peer Groups

Participate in bi-weekly get-togethers with your peers to connect, encourage, and support one another.

Entrepreneurial Training

Training sessions on the six core learnings to develop the skills needed to discover product and market fit.

Expert Days

Connect with AO partners as they offer their expertise in workshops followed by open office hours to answer company specific questions.


Scheduled touch points to ensure customized engagement with resources, events and expertise.


Entrepreneurs equipped with the knowledge to determine product market fit for launch.

Cohort Application Deadlines

Spring Intake
Applications close April 6th, 2022

Summer Intake
Applications close July 6th, 2022

Fall Intake
Applications close October 5th, 2022

Winter Intake
Applications close January 4th, 2023




Ready to join the Venture Acceleration Program?

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We are always in-taking companies for the Venture Acceleration Program. Connect with us through our short application form. We can’t wait to learn about your business and see how we can help.

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VAP is a fit for…



Entrepreneurs building a company located in the Okanagan Valley from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm.


Businesses that need to find product-market fit.


Committed entrepreneurs who are able to dedicate 25+ hours a week to the business.

Why We Built This

The number of entrepreneurs around the Okanagan is always growing. If they’ve identified a problem with a current system and developed an innovative solution, they’re going to need some help to ensure that they can get their idea to market. That’s why we offer the Venture Acceleration Program.

The first steps a new company takes are critical in setting a foundation that can be built upon—and it’s very easy to miss something or to go down the wrong direction. We want to be able to support founders during the early-stages of their business to ensure that they are equipped with the resources, training and mentorship they need to thrive.


VAP has helped me take a rough idea and polish it into an actual business backed by customer discovery, market research, and overall structure. Access to mentors and other professionals through the program has been most valuable for me. For anyone who has an idea and wants to see it succeed, I recommend VAP.

Lee Smith, Simple PrePlan

VAP Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Venture Acceleration Program is highly subsidized by the provincial government to support entrepreneurs who need to validate their business concepts. The cost of the program is $200 per month.

Am I tech enough?

Probably! We’re happy to grab some time with you to talk more about your business and how Accelerate Okanagan can support you.

Does Accelerate Okanagan take equity in startups?

No. Accelerate Okanagan is built on a not-for-profit, zero-equity-stake model.

How do I know my IP is protected on an Accelerate Okanagan program?

The Accelerate Okanagan team signs confidentiality agreements within our employment agreements or contracts. Your IP is safe with us.

What is an EiR and who are they?

EiR stands for executive-in-residence. These are the experts that lead training and provide one on one coaching and mentoring to the companies and entrepreneurs on our programs. You can meet our EiR team here.