Entrepreneurs on the Rise Vol. 2

Blog August 26, 2021

Posted by Alanna Haggard

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This summer, we welcomed a brand new group of entrepreneurs to the Venture Acceleration Program (or VAP, as we like to call it). Over the next six months, these entrepreneurs will pivot, shift and grow their business as they progress through the program’s virtual workshops and mentorship sessions focused on validating their business model and finding product-market fit.

Here is a look at who they are and what they’re working on:

The Property Dish is an online resource that allows users in the Central Okanagan to search for information about properties (such as rules or strata bylaws) that are not currently available anywhere else. The website will also feature user-generated reviews about neighbourhoods, buildings, realtors, and mortgage brokers to help users find the best property for themselves and have the best experience buying, selling or renting property.

Connect with Julie.

Agronome is a platform that collects, aggregates, synthesizes, and disseminates relevant crop, weather and soil data for smallholder farmers in Africa to improve their decision-making process. We then link the farmer with agricultural specialists, and other third-party stakeholders, for actionable and sustainable farming practices.

Connect with Kennedy or Michael.

Captured Experience is an online booking engine similar to Airbnb that connects tourists around the world with a photographer. Our team of photographers will capture candid moments and group photos for any tour or experience our client has booked.

Connect with Pala.

Real Adulting 101 is an online adult educational platform with a variety of content for various learning styles. It includes a point system and contests for motivation, and accountability groups for the community.

Connect with Brittany.

VPR is a web-based program designed to improve the health-related quality of life for people with chronic respiratory conditions. VPR includes exercise training, education videos/podcasts, and a VPR community where members can connect.

Connect with Amanda

Passave is an online bank that seeks to give savings a purpose—helping Canadians afford homes.

Connect with Robert.

WordSkillz helps individuals, and those who help them, build and repair key spelling, reading and writing skills. Our innovative offline approach is effective, efficient and affordable.

Connect with Janet.

The Sustainable Life App™ is a free mobile app (Apple and Android) for clean living made easy! The platform uses Google Maps to instantly connect eco-conscious consumers with sustainable brands and businesses worldwide!

Connect with M.

Module Building Systems Inc. invented a revolutionary patent-pending post-tension system that allows us to manufacture and assemble buildings in record time.

Connect with Mark.

Mamawapowin Technology Society (MTS) offers high-speed Internet services in Maskwacis, Alberta – a place formerly digitally cut-off from the rest of the world. MTS’ vision includes expanding to other Indigenous areas and creating a model for other communities.

Connect with Derrick or Chelsea.

Rhubarb makes high-value products that optimize website performance and improve online experiences for everybody. Our core product, Object Cache Pro, is a best-in-class object caching solution that improves e-commence revenues by making your WooCommerce store run faster and more reliably.

Connect with Cam.


The Venture Acceleration Program is an initiative of Innovate BC that we are proud to offer in the Okanagan.

Think this program might be a fit for you? Check out our website to learn more about the Venture Acceleration Program, or submit your application to join the next cohort.

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