Atomic47 Labs

Atomic47 Labs


Incorporated in 2018, Kelowna-based ATOMIC47 Labs (A47L) took on its first client, leading the development of Blockchain Technology in the emerging Fintech vertical. From inception,innovation and helping our customers build strong business foundations have been our core competencies—resulting in attracting projects in the emerging tech verticals of Health & Wellness Tech, Authentech, IoT, and Fintech. Our current clients include:


Our years of experience as a complete product team has allowed A47L to test where we have the most impact. We’re proud to have built a distinct process that leads our clients step-by-step from

initial idea > to business building > to product launch.

Innovate –> Accelerate –> Adapt –> Grow

Our services and skills align to three phases of early-stage business and product development.

A productized workflow and toolkit system is adaptable to our client’s unique needs and gaps:

  1. Business Discovery & Market Preparation
  2. Product Design & Development
  3. Product Release

Our Mission: To courageously build businesses of the future.

Our Vision: To enable entrepreneurs better means to bring products to market

A47L’s Strengths

Over 50 years of combined leadership experience in the technology industry providing:

  • Operational and human capital leadership
  • Strategic corporate development
  • Research and development of innovative products with a focus on emerging technologies
  • Experience across a broad spectrum of industry sectors
  • Strong product-to-market fit strategy
  • Award-winning UX design
  • Product team leadership

A47L has a purpose-built leadership team working to establish legacies for our clients and our business. Currently, we offer a tailored consulting approach for our client our intent is to Leverage the growing Canadian technology landscape and package our services into a distinct Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) offering.