Level Up Local

Technology Grants for Small Business

To support entrepreneurs and small businesses in our region embrace technology and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, we have partnered with Prospera Credit Union to launch the Level Up Local grant.

This new grant program provides business owners throughout the Okanagan Valley (Osoyoos to Salmon Arm) with financial support and mentorship to help them adopt a new technology or elevate their digital strategy. Business owners interested in the grant opportunity will need to connect with an Accelerate Okanagan Business Advisor before submitting an official application. Applications close June 18, 2023. 


Grant funding can be used for costs like:

Website Development

  • Software Upgrades
  • Web Applications
  • Site Rebuilds
  • Web Design
  • UX/UI Upgrades

Software & Hardware

  • Applications Software
  • Programming Software
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Project Management Systems
  • CRMs & eCommerce Tools

Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Content Creation

Ready to get started?

Any small to medium-sized business can apply. Priority will be given to companies that meet the criteria below. 

  1. Business is located in the Okanagan (Osoyoos to Salmon Arm).
  2. Business has capacity to manage the project or initiative.
  3. Embedding technology is an organizational priority.
  4. Significant revenue impact due changing economic landscape.
  5. The business is an Accelerate Okanagan member or a Prospera client.
  6. Diversity of leadership team.

Applications Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the technology I want to purchase for my business is not listed above?

That’s okay! The grant funding can cover more than what is listed above. Connect with a Business Advisor to learn if the Level Up Local grant is a fit.

How much does the grant cover?

Grants can cover up to $4000, depending on the project application.

When should I apply?

The funding will be distributed now until Oct 2023. Business owners interested in applying are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to increase likelihood of success.

I am not sure if the location of my business is eligible?

If you are operating in the Okanagan, you are eligible. Connect with a Business Advisor to confirm.

What does 'technology is a business priority' mean?

You have set goals to leverage technology in your business and the capacity to manage a project.