Co-Founder / CTO

VirtuLynx Inc.


I am looking for a determined, self-motivated individual to join me on board as a co-founder for my venture.

About Virtulynx:

Virtulynx is a cloud-based, SaaS platform designed to improve operational efficiencies for SMEs on online marketplaces.

Our goal is to help small businesses thrive in the digital landscape, we plan to achieve so by providing innovate software solutions to help navigate the challenges they are faced with everyday.

We are partnered with Accelerate Okanagan and are connected to a large network of individuals and organizations, both domestic and abroad.


About the position:

As an early stage venture, the ideal candidate is someone not only skilled in their field but also extremely driven and self-motivated. Working with start-ups is not suitable for everyone as it requires dedication and commitment. There is no pay, hourly wage or salary in the early days and you need to be prepared to dedicate your time and efforts for months or years before your venture gains significant traction.

As a technical co-founder you will have the responsibility to lead the development of Virtulynx, from MVP creation through to full product launch. This involves designing the software architecture, choosing the right technology stack, and overseeing the development process to ensure that the product meets the desired specifications and quality standards.

How to Apply

Please apply via email at