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Outgrow the System – Film Screening

March 28 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

About the Film:

“Change the system, not the climate” is a common demand in the climate movement. But what kind of system do we actually want? In the midst of humanity’s worst crisis, the pioneers stand ready. Meet the new economic perspectives that have the potential to change the world at its core.

The original meaning of the word ”economy” is “household management”. The economy of today however, is not householding, but rather consuming our finite natural resources at an alarming pace. “Outgrow the System” explores how we can return to the essence of the term and design an economic system that genuinely manages our scarce resources.

Beyond the narrow mainstream debate and the teachings of business schools, numerous new economic ideas and practices are emerging. They challenge old assumptions and offer fresh perspectives on how we can reorganize our production and consumption, in order to ensure our survival as a species on this planet.

“Outgrow the System” aims to bring these transformative ideas to the forefront. It celebrates the abundance of creativity and ideas that exist worldwide, urging them to collide and converge. The film envisions a world where social movements worldwide can rally behind positive visions instead of merely opposing dystopias.

With this film we want to democratize the conversation around the economy, ecology, and democracy. Economics should be a topic accessible to all, not confined to experts. We wish to empower viewers to engage in discussions about economic models and to foster hope that change is not only possible, but already underway. Let’s join in the movement for change!

The film features:

Kate Raworth – Economist, Author of Doughnut Economics

Amanda Janoo – Economics and Policy Lead, WEAll (Wellbeing Economy Alliance)

Timothée Parrique, Dr. of Economics, specialised in degrowth

Jennifer Hinton – Ecological economist and sustainability researcher

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Director’s biographies:

CECILIA “CIA“ PAULSSON (director) is a Malmö-based filmmaker with a wide range, she makes everything from quirky and colourful stop motion animations to fictional stories and documentaries. In her artistry, she explores issues around utopias, basic income, alternative economy, climate anxiety and activism. She has a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies followed by three years of film school and has been working professionally with film since 2018. She is a part of the film collective RåFILM.

Cia has filmed a lot for the climate movement Extinction Rebellion, including the short documentary “STOPP”, which was screened at several festivals. For 1.5 years, she worked as a digital public educator at Klimatprata, (”Talking Climate”), another project funded by The Swedish Inheritance Fund, where she single-handedly produced more than 30 short educational films for social media and for an app. She has also worked on a number of TV series, for instance as an Extra’s Coordinator on the Swedish series “Thin Blue Line”. This is her first feature length film as a director.

ANDERS NILSSON (director) has a university education in media (film, radio, etc.) and made a short film as a degree project. Media was one of the parts along with history, art, literature and history of ideas in a three-year education for cultural studies. For a few years, Anders started and ran the Nobynäs course centre in Småland. He has worked as a professional theatre director and playwright for 25 years, when he and a few others formed the free theatre group Teater K. About 27 years ago, he was project manager for an EU-funded project that produced a documentary film about unemployment as a societal phenomenon. Anders has previously worked as a teacher at junior high school, high school and community colleges. He has also worked for a few years with personnel supervision of school staff. Anders has run several social projects and is now working for the second time with the Swedish Inheritage Fund-financed project, Scenario 2030.


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