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Let’s face it, it’s not easy to build something out of nothing. Being an entrepreneur is hard because it’s all on you. Making the call is on you. Doing the things you don’t like is on you. Driving results is on you. Success, also on you.

The reality is that being an entrepreneur will test you in ways you didn’t think possible but we want you to pursue it anyway. Beyond the Startline is a series of stories designed to celebrate local entrepreneurs with growth-stage companies who are finding success in a competitive global digital economy and inspiring a new generation of innovation.


Curatio is the world’s first social health prescription. What does that mean? The Curatio platform is designed to help patients find each other and the support, information, programs and personalized trackers they need to live their healthiest lives. We recently caught up with Lynda to learn more about her company, why she loves the Okanagan, and what it was like to be in the Dragons’ Den.


Taking a vision and turning it into reality is not for the faint-hearted.

Lynda Brown, Founder and CEO


Yeti Farm

Yeti Farm is a Kelowna-based animation studio with a two-pronged business model. Not only does the studio service clients like Corus, Netflix, Amazon, and Nickelodeon but they also produce their own kids tv shows and franchises. In a nutshell, Yeti Farm creates relevant and engaging content for kids. We recently caught up with Ashley and Todd to get the skinny on what drives them to create cartoons, how they cope with high growth, and why they can’t stop loving the Okanagan.

Meet Yeti Farm

Our vision for Yeti Farm was always about something more than just an animation studio. We took the leap because we wanted to create learning opportunities and jobs right here in the Okanagan.

Ashley Ramsay, Cofounder and CEO

Yeti Farm


Bananatagis a Kelowna-based tech company that helps its clients track and measure email communications so you can easily keep tabs on what happens to your emails after you press send. Working with Fortune 500 companies all over the world, they are continually inventing new ways to evolve. We recently caught up with their CEO, Corey Wagner to learn more about how he manages a company in such high growth and what he thinks is the secret to their success.


Now we are planning three years in the future and realizing, ‘Wow, we actually have a business that could be a billion-dollar company.’

Corey Wagner, Founder and CEO


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