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News March 22, 2024

Posted by Alex Goodhew

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VO2 Master, the Vernon company that developed the cutting edge portable metabolic analyzer being used globally by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, was featured on one of the most popular North American podcasts this week.

In a recent episode of “The Drive” podcast, hosted by renowned medical doctor Peter Attia, the spotlight was cast upon this revolutionary device that is changing the landscape of metabolic analysis. Peter Attia, a thought leader in the health, fitness, and longevity circles, featured the VO2 Master in a captivating episode with Olav Aleksander Bu, Human Performance Coach to the top triathletes in the world, Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Eden.

Unveiling the VO2 Master

The VO2 Master Portable Metabolic Analyzer has been gaining attention globally in the area of sports science, medical research, and performance optimization for several years. Cofounders and inventors Peter O’Brien and Dr. Andrew Sellars were both triathletes looking for the ability to test in real training conditions whether riding their bikes, running or just after swim. This passion, curiosity and years of hard work have taken them on this phenomenal biological and technological journey. Designed to measure an individual’s oxygen consumption (VO2), ventilatory thresholds, and other key physiological parameters, this portable device offers insights into metabolic efficiency, fitness levels, and physiological limiters which can help with strategic training for health and competitive sports.

The Drive Podcast Feature

During the episode, Attia delved into the intricacies of metabolic analysis and its significance in understanding human performance and health. He discussed with Olav the applications of the VO2 Master in various fields, from elite athlete training to his personal experiences riding and training. Many listeners were captivated by the potential of this lightweight, convenient device to provide precise, real-time data on their phone or iPad, enabling them to optimize their own training regimens and track progress, or help their clients see their results and reports immediately.

Tipping Point

The feature of the VO2 Master on “The Drive” podcast marks a significant moment for the device and its creators. As the Olympics approach and overall awareness grows about the importance of metabolic analysis in health and performance optimization, the VO2 Master is a game-changer which the world is rapidly finding out about. With its portable design and mobile app, it is democratizing metabolic analysis, making it accessible to athletes, coaches, wellness practitioners, and researchers alike.


The recent feature on Peter Attia “The Drive” podcast has propelled the VO2 Master Portable Metabolic Analyzer into the spotlight, highlighting its potential to revolutionize how we understand and optimize human performance and health. As interest in metabolic analysis continues to grow, the VO2 Master stands at the forefront of innovation, with no wires, tubes or backpacks to impair movement.

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Dr. Attia’s book Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity, has been considered a run-away best seller by the media since the spring of 2023.

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