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Kelowna Innovation Centre to Host Sold-Out Event

Kelowna, BC Canada — A unique North American conference – the inaugural International Digital Denture Study Club – will be held November 15 & 16, 2019 at Kelowna’s Innovation Centre. The brainchild of Perfit Dental Solutions, the event sold out within weeks of announcement, attracting denturist professionals from across the continent.

The conference was born of a brainstorming session about how Perfit could help the industry adopt digital denture technology. “Today 99.9% of dentures are still hand-made. The industry is hungry for digital advantages to keep up with the increase in demand generated by baby boomers ” said Steve Cowburn, co-founder of Perfit. “When we consulted with colleagues about our study club idea, it was a hit: everyone wants to share their success stories, and also their failures so others could avoid making the same mistakes.”

The two-day International Digital Denture Study Club is meant for denturists creating digital dentures, or those seeking the latest in denture innovation. More than a dozen international speakers and dental professionals will gather to explore the benefits of emerging technology in a relaxed ‘study club’ environment.

Topics will explore digital vs. analog technology, and will include design software, various scanners, 3D printers, milling, and manufacturing software. With 8 dental sponsors, 2 beverage sponsors and 130 guests, the event is truly one of a kind where guests will gain hands-on experience with the world’s leading dental technology and speak directly with early adopters. The event confers 10 hours of continuing education credits to attending denturists.

Backgrounder — Unique in the industry, Perfit has created a type of “PDF document converter” for use in creating dentures. A wax diagnostic denture or existing denture can now be scanned and 3D printed or milled with ease using Perfit’s software. The resulting end product ensures much better patient fit than the ‘lost wax capture and injection’ technique – a 6,000-year old process that still dominates denture creation today. Also, for the first time, Perfit technology will make it possible to quickly and easily deliver exact copies of dentures: this is vital as patients frequently misplace, break or accidentally destroy their dentures (pets, mishandling, etc.) Unlike traditional denture creation systems where models are destroyed during denture manufacture, with Perfit, patients can have duplicate dentures immediately shipped to them, anywhere globally. 

“We’re really excited to showcase Perfit’s technology and give a full overview of solutions available in today’s market. As denturists, we relate to our customers on a different level. And, while users will get immense value out of the event, Perfit sees huge value in early adopter feedback so we can apply those insights into future product development.” said co-founder Steve Cowburn. “We’re already planning to make this a regular event.”

About Perfit Dental — Perfit Dental Solutions is a Kelowna-based dental technology company focused on innovation in digital dentures. Perfit solutions range from software services that simplify 3D printing & milling to in-house 3D printing & milling services for delivery to Canadian customers. In 2019, Perfit was recognized at Kelowna’a Business Excellence Awards as a Technology Innovator. After becoming a licensed denturist in 2003, the co-founders of Perfit Dental Solutions acquired and built four denture clinics in Calgary for the next eight years. Then, frustrated with outdated technology and responding to declines in Alberta’s economy, they sold their clinics to focus exclusively on developing digital dental denture solutions. In the process, they because regulars at international conferences and built out their network of experts and advisors to help build the company; tapping this network has been instrumental to creating the International Digital Denture Study Club event.

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