Approved as a Raffle Provider in Ontario to Help Charities Raise More

News August 18, 2022

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Kelowna BC – August 11 2022: Trellis Social Enterprise Inc. ( has just been approved as a verified Electronic Raffle Provider in Ontario. As an already approved raffle platform, in most other provinces across Canada, they are excited to continue supporting more organizations as they modernize fundraising through online tools. Beyond supporting electronic raffles and 50/50s, Trellis supports charities and non-profits with event ticketing, auctions, eCommerce, live-streaming, and a seamless check-in experience, creating an all-in-one fundraising platform, unlike any other software.

As a company, Trellis has experienced a rapid expansion throughout the last few years, experiencing 200x growth in usage over the 2 years of COVID-19 due to the massive shift in technology adoption for charitable fundraising that was already on the rise pre-pandemic.

However, what makes Trellis most excited is the innovative approach to fundraising through Donation Augmenting that truly sets them apart. “Fundraising is harder than ever before, and organizations require new solutions to raise the funds they need,” notes Justin Goodhew, CEO and Founder of Trellis. “My team and I have developed Donation Augmented Fundraising, allowing organizations to strategically ask for additional donations throughout their checkout experience. So far, organizations hosting raffles are raising an additional 20% more than they have in the past, and the impact for their non-profits is incredible,” adds Goodhew. “And the best part, on top of the additional revenue, we can also identify new donors, unlike raffles without donations, where it is hard to tell if a raffle purchaser wants to donate further.”

Having worked with organizations like David Suzuki Foundation, War Child, Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation, and Women’s College Hospital Foundation in the past, they are excited for another record-breaking fundraising season ahead. Jen from Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation goes on to say, “[Trellis] is amazing, you get that feeling right from the get go that [they] are willing to work with whatever we’ve got and help us to do the best that we can do.” And, with even more ways to fundraise now available to their organizations, the Trellis team looks forward to continuing to simplify fundraising and empowering more global collective impact. Connect with the team at Trellis here.

About Trellis:

Trellis is an all-in-one event fundraising platform that allows charities, foundations and non-profit organizations to grow their fundraising and exceed their goals. Trellis aims to become the revenue generation platform for change to further their mission of empowering global collective impact.

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