Top Five Reasons to Hire a UBC Okanagan Co-op Student

Blog March 9, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

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Are you in search of innovative talent? Hundreds of UBC-O Co-op students are seeking employment this summer, many of which are keen to contribute to the Okanagan’s tech sector.

Here are five reasons why you should hire a UBC-O Co-op student for your team:

  1. There’s grant funding available to help subsidize wages
    With millions of provincial and federal dollars in available funding for organizations looking to invest in Co-op students, now is the time to hire. Many grants support the hiring for tech-specific roles and are directed to tech companies. Connect with the Co-op Program Office to leverage available funding.
  2. Access a diverse talent pool
    Co-op students can support and help to advance diverse components of your business. Whether you need additional technical team members, someone creative to help with marketing and event planning, or support with data and market research, we’ve got you covered.

    With academic disciplines including Arts, Fine Arts, Engineering, Human Kinetics, Management, Media Studies, and Sciences, there’s a co-op student to fit your diverse business needs.

  3. Fill your short-term needs and build long-term recruitment strategies
    Co-op students can help you scale your staffing needs. The hiring cycle is flexible with both length and timing with Co-op students available full time for 4, 8 and 12-month work terms beginning in May, September or January of any given year.
    All students in the co-op program are nearing the end of their degree completion, which gives you the opportunity to assess longer-term fit for your business.
  4. Tap into Innovation
    Gain access to energetic, diverse and innovative student talent and strengthen your workplace. New perspective, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that students bring to a work environment can be a benefit to any team.
  5. Retain talent in the region
    Help keep talent local by employing students in the growing Okanagan tech community.  Many students are keen to stay here and want to contribute to the local economy, Co-op integrates students’ classroom learning with applicable work experience further solidifying connections to the community.


The Co-op Program Office is here to simplify hiring – we can assist you with crafting job descriptions, promoting the opportunities to Co-op students, or even scheduling interviews with shortlisted candidates.

Hire with confidence, hire your UBC Okanagan Co-op student today.

Contact: | 250.807.9623 |

Looking for more opportunities to connect with UBC-O Co-op?

Check out their presentation at Accelerate Okanagan’s Funding & Support on March 25. They will also be hosting Startup Drinks on March 27.

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