Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Foresight’s Technology Acceleration Program

Blog October 22, 2019

Posted by Eryca

Top 5 Reasons to Participate in Foresight’s Technology Acceleration Program Featured Image

Stephen Wilson, Director of Operations at Foresight Accelerator shares the top 5 reasons you should attend the 3-day program happening October 29th – 31st at Accelerate Okanagan. 

For the People, by the People, of the People

This program is designed for the needs of the CTO or technical team leader. It was put together by a panel of current and former CTOs to reflect the areas where they were weak or needed to gain skills in their careers. It is taught primarily by CTOs with the assistance of subject matter experts for topics where it is appropriate. 

Build your Network

You’ll get to meet people who are facing the same challenges as you (or who have overcome them) – people who are right in the trenches with you and people who can reach in and pull you out!  It’s an opportunity to build your network and expand your reach so you can get access to better hires, contract resources, great advice, or a sympathetic ear. The people presenting and attending our courses are the people who can help you throughout your career.

Address Your Immediate Challenges with Training and Mentoring 

All Foresight programs focus both on teaching you best practices and supporting you through the implementation – in other words, supporting you where the rubber hits the road – with the immediate challenges facing you every day. As a Deliver participant, you will have access to our team of 25 EIRs, and growing pool of technical EIRs to help you address your specific challenges with relevant advice and support. After all, you have to deliver everyday, and so do we.  

100% Ecstatic Participants so Far

You know in your business that results count. So do we. All of the people who have taken the course have said that it exceeded their expectations and that they would recommend to others.

Free Lunch!!!

Seriously, we provide you lunch everyday.  This course is 100% sponsored by IRAP, delivered by Foresight in partnership with Innovate BC and hosted by Accelerate Okanagan. We all want to invest in the skills and capabilities of Canada’s technical talent, so don’t pass up on this opportunity to grow your career, your knowledge and your technology business. 

Here’s what Past Participants Had to Say: 

“Format and structure was great, thank you for preparing the program” Enrico Trevisi, Recycling Alternative 

“Course was packed with information and could go longer.” Paul Allard

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