Startup News Vol.4

Blog June 5, 2019

Posted by Jenna Stasuk

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As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does Accelerate Okanagan’s support model. Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ we deliver unique programming designed to produce mentorship and coaching for startupsgrowth-stage companies, and everything in between. The reality is, each stage of the entrepreneurial process demands a different set of tools and we are constantly iterating in an effort to meet these needs.

Startup stage programs ensure founders remain focused on product and market validation, market penetration and expansion through play a vital role in the Okanagan tech community and nurturing at this stage is an essential service in a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

During the 1st quarter of 2019 we’ve welcomed several new companies to join our startup stage programming. Here is a look at who they are and what they’re all about.  

3.nkdata.pngNK Data will provide, populate and manage an internal CRE sales comp database for CRE lenders who want quick access to reliable sales comps. NK Data will populate the database using the lender’s own data. Unlike file folders and human memory, NK Data will enable efficient sharing, searching and sorting of internal CREsales comp data, and unlike generic database providers, NK Data will be tailor-made for CREdata, and be designed by individuals experienced in CRE-specific data management. 

Connect with Nathan Kurjata School Concierge solves Hot Lunch Program management issues for School Parent Associations.  The web platform uses customized tools for fundraising activities that cut volunteer hours in half.  Unlike, The School Concierge allows Admins to automate recurring tasks, freeing up a volunteers’ precious time.  The quick, easy to use system means anyone can be a confident, organized volunteer without the fear of committing countless hours of work.

Connect with Cheri Fennell-Saundry.

2.tasteadvisor.pngTasteAdvisor is for people who love wine and want to find more of what they like, and for wineries who want to better connect with their customers. TasteAdvisor is an app-based platform that provides personalized recommendations based on an individual’s preferences with the aim of raising satisfaction for customers, and increasing sales for Okanagan wineries.

Connect with Alyssa Farr, Linsey Reimer, and Cheryl Molenaar

4.captus.pngOur target is wholesale distribution customer management teams providing them with a straight forward CRM solution that interferes as little as possible with their traditional processes while still providing analytical data to management to help drive things forward. As well, CaptusCRM is designed with simplicity in mind to make it as easy as possible even for the ageing sales professions. Unlike products like Salesforce, we do not lock out customers into our platform and they are free to manage things however they like.

Connect with Kyle Newlove. 

5.botany.pngFor those passionate about growing fresh produce 365-days a year, who seek an innovative and sustainable growing environment. Botany Box Growing Solutions provides leading agri-tech facilities, tailored to each grower’s unique space and needs; because everyone deserves fresh and nutritious produce.

Connect with Ashley and Jesse Hammer. designs and creates applications that extend the functionality of Visual Manufacturing ERP. Our long history of implementation and post go-live assistance guarantee that our efforts are focused on getting the best results. We also provide consulting services, mainly on system implementation strategy, Financials and Costing.

Connect with Valeria Vicco and Fabian Zandomeni. creates a means of communication between crews who collect field data and engineers who use the data.  We have taken a difficult and expensive process and made it affordable and easy. 


If you would like to learn more about these new startups or want to chat about our current program stack, let’s connect.


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