Startup News Vol.3

Blog April 26, 2019

Posted by Jenna Stasuk

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As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does Accelerate Okanagan’s support model. Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ we deliver unique programming designed to produce mentorship and coaching for startupsgrowth-stage companies, and everything in between. The reality is, each stage of the entrepreneurial process demands a different set of tools and we are constantly iterating in an effort to meet these needs.

Startup stage programs ensure founders remain focused on product and market validation, market penetration and expansion through play a vital role in the Okanagan tech community and nurturing at this stage is an essential service in a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

On November 1st, 2018 we welcomed several new companies to join our startup stage programming. Here is a look at who they are and what they’re all about. 2.takeabreath.png

Take a Breath provides research-based breath and relaxation techniques to promote well-being, stress-relief, and self-awareness. The program includes guided practices online and in-school offerings for the whole school community, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff.


Big White Sitters support a genuine need for quality child, pet, and home care and we are proud to be the preferred service provider at Big White Ski Resort! Our qualified and trustworthy professional sitters are matched to your service needs. Parents can enjoy a time out with the knowledge their children are safely taken care of in their own home away from home. Pet owners can enjoy a day on the slopes with the knowledge that their pets will be cared for in their absence. Absentee property owners can rest assured that their second home is being cared for, even in the off-season.  


Saturn Animation Studios Inc is creating innovative technology that brings everyday objects to life, starting with story books.


Say Something is developing a platform where survivors of sexual assault are empowered and comfortable sharing their story, while connecting them with the institutions who can take action on those traumatic experiences.


The Check-Out website empowers Canadians to take control 
of their end-of-life planning process, and the memories they leave behind. 

Providing a guide to last wishes eliminates family conflict, and saves legal costs and broken relationships.  


For singles looking for a lighthearted and positive online dating experience, Levity is a dating app that removes the pressure of finding your own match. Unlike its competitors, Levity allows singles to match for other singles instead of selecting for themselves. This leads to a fun and stress free matching experience while making a positive difference in people’s lives.


For farmers and agronomists who need actionable soil moisture information, Skaha offers an affordable, practical, and convenient soil moisture mapping system that provides two-dimensional fertilizer and irrigation recommendations to increase yield and reduce input costs. Unlike soil moisture probes with limited ground coverage and spatial resolution, our solution automatically acquires and reports detailed maps of root-zone soil moisture over large areas.


Impress provides young adults with a mobile dating platform that breaks the conventions of swiping, texting, and sexual objectification. Impress is the first live video dating app that matches you with people locally in your community. We strive to fit an underserved user base that desires a more personal mobile dating option.


For tourist traveling to the Okanagan who need a better way to find local experiences. Touch Tourism is an interactive digital directory that provides a convenient way for visitors to discover local experiences.

Unlike cluttered hotel rack cards and confusing Google results, our product provides tourists access to otherwise unknown experiences that will enrich the user’s vacation with an interactive discovery experience

If you would like to learn more about these new startups or want to chat about our current program stack, let’s connect.


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