Startup News Vol. 8

Blog October 8, 2020

Posted by Alanna Haggard

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Each stage of the entrepreneurial journey is unique and requires different skills to overcome. We are right there with you to help along the way. As the #OKGNtech community continues to grow, so do our programs. From startup to growth-stage companies, we want you to have all the right tools you need to succeed.

Accelerate Okanagan’s startup stage programs ensure founders remain focused on product and market validation, as well as market penetration and expansion.

We’ve welcomed several new companies to join our Venture Acceleration Program cohort this fall. Here is a look at who they are and what they’re all about.


Our objective at Briskly is to develop a technology that makes the waiting process as painless as possible for childcare providers and parents. Managing a waiting list is a time-consuming task for daycare providers. For parents also, waiting lists are frustrating mainly because of confusion about what would happen next and when.

Connect with Sherif, Mohamed G., and Mohamed H.


Simple PrePlan is a digital platform for funeral planning and resources. Our customers can select, plan and pay for funeral arrangements and connect to a funeral provider online.

Connect with Lee, Keith, and Chris.


Charitables is an online marketplace where users exchange products and services with the proceeds of each transaction going to registered Canadian charities.

Connect with John.


BTRFLY Legal Innovation is transforming the way regular people access legal services. We build user-centric online portals to help people understand their legal issues and access professional, affordable legal advice.

Connect with Matt.


V-Metrics is a Saas-based provider of the support required to assess key personal health and performance metrics and trends that are evidence-based, highly practical and have yet to be made available to the public or health and fitness professionals. V-Metrics personalizes the healthcare experience by measuring key objective biomarkers & gathering subjective data to track an individual’s longitudinal health trends and empowers them to tailor lifestyle habits to improve performance, vitality and well-being.

Connect with Mark, Lexi, and Aspen.


Safe Student Manifest is a transportation management system geared specifically for school buses.

Connect with Mike.


WanderlustStuff is an on-line boutique and community for those with the insatiable desire to travel and wander the world. We provide unique on-the-go travel essentials, world inspired personal products and decor—and unite them with our WanderlustStuff community through stories of real and colourful travel, world-loving inspiration and human connection.

Connect with Leesa and Dave.


icInfrastructure helps infrastructure owners make better decisions on what assets and services they invest in through helping them build and improve their own capacity, knowledge and processes.

Connect with Iain.

If you would like to learn more about these new startups or want to chat about our current program stack, let’s connect.

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