Startup News Vol. 6

Blog February 10, 2020

Posted by Brittany Arbutina

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Let’s face it, each stage of the entrepreneurial journey is unique and requires different skills to overcome. We are right there with you to help. As the OKGNtech community continues to grow, so do our programs. From startup to growth-stage companies, we want you to have all the right tools you need to succeed.

Accelerate Okanagan’s startup stage programs ensure founders remain focused on product and market validation, as well as market penetration and expansion.

This fall we welcomed several new companies to join our startup stage programming. Here is a look at who they are and what they’re all about.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - TripHero - V2.png

TripHero empowers tourism communities with destination management tools to create, promote, and sell their uniquely-local visitor experiences. They make it easy for consumers to connect with those tourism communities online, explore everything they have to offer and support local economies in a more sustainable way.

Connect with Mike.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - The Rogerie - V2.png

The Rogerie is a manufacturer for companies that need eco-friendly plastic products, optionally created from their own waste. They make this process easy for their clients by turning napkin sketches and Pinterest boards into professional products with great stories. Unlike their competitors, the Rogerie uses only Canadian waste plastic and power our equipment with renewable energy.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - NetDNA Services - V2.png

For operation managers in water transfer, netDNA provides an automated water transfer system. They provide reliable & consistent workflows for your transfer line while reducing the risk of spills. Unlike competitors that offer complicated automation systems, netDNA’s system can be run locally with a consistent signal that is backed by cellular/radio/satellite and is proven to work in harsh environments, while delivering lower costs to the operator.

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NKOTB - JAN 2020 - BestLure - 2 - V3.png

BestLure co. provides high-quality yellow cedar lures with an incredible action to ensure a more enjoyable and productive fishing experience. Unlike Lyman Lures, and other competitors, they only use high-quality hardware and provide paint detail that is second to none.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - SnapChing - V2.png

SnapChing is for small Canadian merchants who are selling local goods and services from physical retail locations. It’s a secure information-sharing platform, which allows merchants to easily track promotions directly to an individual Shopper’s identity upon redemption. Unlike other coupon sharing platforms whose fees are based on distribution, SnapChing fees are based on engagement, making it a much more efficient and effective marketing solution.

Connect with Richard.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - Heart2Home - V2.png

Heart2Home connects homeowners to local service providers that are reviewed, rated and vetted—resolving wait times, estimates, no-shows, payment problems and poor-quality of work. H2H also connects home-service providers to a community of local homeowners who need your services. They provide a simple and easy to use platform for scheduling, invoicing and receiving payments, making it easy for services providers to expand their clientele.

NKOTB - JAN 2020 - SkinCare Literature - V2.png

Skin Care Literature is a platform that provides exclusive educational and professional resources to every provider who wants to advance their knowledge. Unlike skincare brands and seminars, they offer community and personalized learning tools to help you become a leader in the skincare industry.

If you would like to learn more about these new startups or want to chat about our current program stack, let’s connect.

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