Startup Basics Session: Getting Started

Blog August 23, 2017

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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Entrepreneurship can often seem daunting or intimidating to those first starting out but as a wise man once said, the best place to start is the beginning. The Startup Basics Program is a part of the Discovery Parks Technology Education Program, and this fall it will be hosted in collaboration with Westbank First Nation.

The first session, Getting Started, will be presented by AO’s community manager, Alex Reid and is designed to give participants both an overview of the current startup ecosystem in the Okanagan, a rundown of community resources and supports, as well as a summary of funding opportunities. Here is a little taste of some of the rich content this session has to offer:

1. Snapshot of #OKGNtech

The Okanagan tech community has had an economic impact of over $1.3 billion and as of 2015 there were 613 tech businesses with headquarters in the Okanagan Valley. This fast-growing industry also has a workforce of over 7600 people making it one of the most relevant and fastest growing industries in British Columbia. Accelerate Okanagan has a series of programs to meet the needs of new and growth stage companies. Learning more about these programs will help you determine what might be a fit for you now and in the future. You will also learn more about the over 120 events we host every year and where it may be valuable for you to plug in.

2. Community Tools & Resources

Accelerate Okanagan may have a mandate to help tech and tech-enables bussinesses mentorship, connection, and community but we are certainly not in this alone. Organizations and projects like Students2Startups, The Centre for Innovation, and our many partners and patrons are what make ensure the continued success of #OKGNtech. Good people to know, we promise.

3. Funding Opportunities

We’ll introduce you to tools and services like the Concierge Portal, The National Research Council, and The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust.. We will also review Government of Canada and opportunities, Community Futures and everything inbetween. We’ll round out this session with a review of startup terminology that will ensure you can not only walk the walk but talk the talk.

This session is open to both tech and non-tech entrepreneurs and an incredible way to educate yourself on the hundreds of resources available for startups. Visit our events page to learn more or sign up for this September 19th session .

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