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Blog September 17, 2019

Posted by Eryca

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How many times have you avoided going to an event because you didn’t know anyone there? 

Don’t panic – we’ve got a plan. We’re hosting an event designed to facilitate spirited conversation and knowledge sharing we know will help you build the network you need to feel supported and achieve your goals.

Skills & Thrills is an opportunity to Master the Art of Connection. You can expect to learn about networking myths, confidence building tips and most importantly…making the ask. We wanted to introduce you to one of our event speakers, Founder of Nine Rising, Kathleen Mackinnon. 

Kathleen is the founder of Nine Rising. A company that supports businesses, community organizations, and schools in advocating and educating in equity and diversity for all humans to thrive. For the better part of the past decade, she has taken up space in industries from tech, anti-oppression work, youth and mental health work. 


You can Kathleen at Nine Rising merging her diverse background in behavioural psychology, gender studies, corporate responsibility, community outreach and youth work  — to bring you all the goods. 


Haven’t registered? Grab a seat. 

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