skiKrumb Donates GPS Trackers and Announces Mountain Biking Feature

News February 26, 2024

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skiKrumb Donates GPS Trackers and Announces Mountain Biking Feature Featured Image
skiKrumb gives peace of mind to parents and facilitators when up at the ski hill. It provides location updates every 10 seconds, as well as daily video replays, including highlights from the runs you’ve skied throughout the day.

Westbank, BC – After a phenomenal launch at Big White and Apex this winter, skiKrumb has donated their state of the art tracking technology to school groups and community groups.

“Our team has been working hard to ensure the success of skiKrumb with the Big White Ski & Board School and our first customers who have rented and purchased skiKrumb for peace of mind while skiing. We’ve perfected our group tracking features and have donated skiKrumb to schools and local groups to help make their fun day stress free. We get the kids set up as they are being dropped off in the morning for the trip and the teachers can see all of the kids updating live on the map every 10 seconds. The school trips we did had a few children late getting back, some as long as 30 minutes, but we knew where they were and that they were safe. It’s my hope that skiKrumb helps more young people try out the sport we all love so much”, Keith MacIntyre, CEO & Founder, skiKrumb

skiKrumb was used by Kelowna Christian School at Big White on February 15th and by Holy Cross at Apex on February 21st. skiKrumbs can be quickly assigned to children as they are being dropped off for their fun day. Teachers and volunteers can easily see the location of everyone in the group. This is especially useful when meeting for lunch and at the end of the day. Children invariably lose track of time and skiKrumb provides peace of mind knowing where everyone is in the group throughout the day. If a child runs into trouble or is injured, a
screenshot of the exact location can be sent to ski patrol for a quick response.

“On Thursday, February 15th, we were fortunate to work with skiKrumb for our ski/snowboard trip to Big White with a group of more than 60 students. skiKrumb was easy to work with from the start to the end of our trip. They had all the devices ready to go and the process of signing them out to students was seamless as we boarded the busses. Each student was equipped with a skiKrumb device which gave us the ability to track everyone’s location on the mountain throughout the day. With skiKrumb, we were able to track any students that were late as they made their way down the mountain at the end of the day. It gave both teachers and parents peace of mind that if a student got separated from their group we could direct a teacher supervisor to check on them. We are so grateful that we worked with skiKrumb to help keep us safe.” says Lisa Gossen, Middle School Teacher, Kelowna Christian School.

“On Wednesday, February 21st, we were very fortunate to have skiKrumb join us for our Apex Mountain Snow School field trip. Each of our students were equipped with a skiKrumb device which gave us the ability to track everyone’s location on the mountain. On previous trips, we would reach the end of the day and be hopeful that all our students were going to return on time. With skiKrumb, we had total peace of mind knowing that if a student was late, we could see that they were still making their way down the hill. If a student ended up on their own, I could instantly direct a supervisor to check in on them. The technology is incredible and I’m so thankful that skiKrumb donated their time and resources to keep us safe today.”, Trevor Buller Holy Cross School, Penticton

Elevation Outdoors was the first to use our group feature. skiKrumb believes in the mission of Elevation Outdoors to help vulnerable youth experience activities such as skiing and snowboarding, have fun and learn new skills and has donated the usage of skiKrumb for the season.

“We are thrilled to be working with skiKrumb! Developed right here in the Okanagan this awesome new product helps our staff to be able to see where our program participants are at any given time with the easy to use SkiKrumb App. As an organization that makes risk management a priority we are excited this year to introduce this to our Learn to Shred snowboarding program! Our riders develop their skills at different speeds, so as they explore terrain that matches their progression at Big White we can end up with youth all over the mountain. We’re able to quickly see where all our riders are – especially helpful if someone takes a wrong turn! We can easily reconnect with them or another group and keep shredding.” Mike Greer, Executive Director, Elevation Outdoors

Elevation outdoors also provides mountain biking and hiking programs through their Live to Ride and Take a Hike programs. skiKrumb is proud to announce that skiKrumb tracking will be available for mountain biking and hiking this spring. We are working with local communities to install skiKrumb infrastructure to be available on trails throughout the Okanagan. As such, we are now offering skiKrumbs for purchase for $175 which will include an all-resort subscription to the end of the 2024/25 season. skiKrumb is also in negotiations with several resorts in Canada to expand coverage across the country.

“Keep an eye on our website as we increase coverage around the Okanagan and signing on new ski resorts soon. While we can’t guarantee coverage on every trail, we will be increasing the skiKrumb substantially in the coming months. The key advantage of skiKrumb is that it does not rely on the cell network so we can cover areas that cellphones cannot giving you peace of mind while you’re out exploring the incredible trails we have here in the Okanagan. We’ve seen how skiKrumb has changed the skiing experience for so many families and we want to help
even more people with peace of mind.”

skiKrumb’s capabilities are unparalleled in the outdoor equipment industry, thanks to a unique partnership between hardware, software, and resort infrastructure. That level of collaboration is the backbone of a seamless experience for users, and a much more trusted and durable device for parents, when compared to other GPS-enabled trackers. In addition to being available for sale online and available for public rentals at both Big White and Apex Mountain Resort, skiKrumb is also the provider of GPS trackers for Big White’s Ski & Board School, providing GPS tracking devices for all children and youth skiers / riders while they are taking lessons. skiKrumb has been given to every child taking group lessons since opening day this year, and will continue to be used by BWSS students throughout the 2023- 2024 season, complementing the in-depth procedures and practices within the Ski & Board School.

The skiKrumb mobile companion app is available for download in the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store. Starting today, skiKrumb is available for both daily rentals and season’s passes at Big White Ski Resort.

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