ShopHopper Launches Their New Local Fashion Shopping App

News July 6, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

ShopHopper Launches Their New Local Fashion Shopping App Featured Image

ShopHopper, a Kelowna-based tech startup, is modernizing the way we support local businesses.

Kelowna, BC — Today marks the official launch of ShopHopper, a new local fashion shopping app that exclusively focuses on independent fashion and lifestyle retailers in your local area. Rather than running around town to find what’s in stock, ShopHopper allows shoppers to simply browse through a catalogue of items from local independent retailers right from their phone. To make it even easier, the ShopHopper team has developed their app with bespoke AI technology to personalize your shopping experience. Just input your style and size preferences, and the app will scour the local area and automatically find great deals and trendy new products catered for you.

ShopHopper’s vision is to give small retailers the same tools and technology as the big eCommerce giants. In doing so, the team at ShopHopper believes the platform will uplift our local economies, making local shopping easier, better, and more sustainable.

“There’s no better time to shop and support local businesses,” says Ryan Lancaster, local entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and CEO of ShopHopper. “Consumers have more convenient shopping choices thanks to big eCommerce, and competing in that space takes a lot of time, effort, and resources that many independent businesses may not have.”

Ryan saw an opportunity to empower local retailers by providing them with a platform to compete with the big guys, “We need to modernize local shopping and make it easy, more economical, and more fun for shoppers to support local. If we can even the playing field for local retailers, consumers will not only choose to support local, but they’ll also choose to support more sustainable, ethically sourced, and charitable retailers leading to better communities for everyone.”

To help build the ShopHopper platform and business, Ryan brought together his two technical co-founders, Nathan Moseley and Ben McLoughlin. ShopHopper isn’t Ryan’s first venture into the Okanagan tech ecosystem; previously, Ryan was head of business development for, where he used his background in sales development and marketing to help the company scale across North America.

Ryan graduated from VAP (Venture Accelerator Program) in the Spring 2021 cohort at Accelerate Okanagan. He and his team are currently enrolled in a pilot program called UNBOARD with Metabridge and Accelerate Okanagan. “The mentorship and support I’ve received from Accelerate Okanagan over the past year have been invaluable. My EiR (Execuitve-in-Residence) Josh Cairns was a constant source of wisdom, emotional support, and motivation throughout the crucial early stages of the business. As we have grown, I am incredibly grateful to now have the opportunity to be a part of the UNBOARD pilot program and to continue working with incredible people like Josh to help me grow my business,” says Ryan as he reflects upon his experiences over the past year.

With the official launch, the ShopHopper team is on their way to see their dream of an empowered local business community become a reality. ShopHopper is free for users and retailers to sign up for and is now available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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About ShopHopper

ShopHopper is on a mission to make it easy for conscious local shoppers to search, discover, and fall in love with fantastic fashion wear from independent local retailers. Unlike other online shopping apps, ShopHopper connects consumers directly to independent retailer products making it easier than ever to discover unique apparel that reflects their personal style while supporting local businesses.


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