Orthoquest Pedorthics & Kelowna Kinesiology launch a New Healthy Habits Lifestyle Program

News December 13, 2017

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

Orthoquest Pedorthics & Kelowna Kinesiology launch a New Healthy Habits Lifestyle Program Featured Image

Recognizing the need to address the obesity epidemic, Kelowna Kinesiology is launching its Healthy Habits Lifestyle Program. This Nutrition and Lifestyle Program focuses on small doable changes over a 12-month period. Clients are coached daily by their professional exercise nutrition coach who is also a university educated Kinesiologist.

The program is backed by over 20 years of research on human behaviour and is powered by Precision Nutrition. The combination of the program which is based on science and the guidance and support of the personal coaches, clients are learning how to change undesirable habits. This process of self-discovery is the key ingredient to making lifestyle changes that stick. 

The program includes bi-weekly check in’s, kitchen makeovers, food planning and preparation, cooking lessons, group support, exercise guidance, 12 months of nutrition education, endless resources, guidance and support. The benefit of this program is that it online based, so it is available anywhere in the world.

The Fight against Obesity

The obesity epidemic continues to grow in North America. Despite the increase in wearable technology, fitness gadgets, personal trainers, the next exercise fad or diet of the day, North Americans are not getting any healthier according to Statistic Canada.

When those who were classified as obese were combined with those who were overweight, 61.8% of men (8.2 million) and 46.2% of women (6.1 million) had an increased health risk because of excess weight.” Canadian Community Health Survey.” Several factors can contribute to this worldwide trend such as our fast-paced/overcommitted lives, a technology that reduces physical demands, convenience foods and stress. 

About Orthoquest/Kelowna Kinesiology
Kelowna’s one-stop orthopaedic shop, Orthoquest, celebrates 10 years in business. Orthoquest founders Lise Dallien MacMillan and Sean MacMillan created the company in order to help people who were in pain. As Canadian Certified Pedorthists, they applied their specialized gait and movement assessment tools and opened their clinic and custom fabrication lab.

They started with custom-made foot orthotics, bracing products and exercise therapy. A combination that is unique to the industry. After 8 years of business, Orthoquest sister company Kelowna Kinesiology was created in order to fulfil the growth of the movement therapy side of the business. 

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