Opportunity Knocks Vol.6

Blog March 1, 2019

Posted by Alex Goodhew

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Let’s face it; it’s not easy to take an idea and turn it into reality. Being an entrepreneur is hard because it’s all on you! Success is on you. Results are on you. Making the call is on you. Worst of all, doing the things you don’t like to do… also on you.

The truth is that being an entrepreneur will test you in ways you didn’t think possible, but we want you to pursue it anyway. We also want you to know, you’re not alone. There are a ton of support services and funding opportunities available to entrepreneurs in the Okanagan ready to take the plunge.

BDO recently formed a tech team at their Landmark location here in Kelowna. This team will be able to provide their core services with a specialized approach for tech and innovation companies.

I recently sat down with three of the BDO team members to learn more about their motivation to form a tech-specific team, what services they offer to support the entrepreneurial community, and why they are investing in OKGNtech.

BDO’s Kelowna Based Tech Team

Britt Vig is a Partner in the BDO Kelowna office with over 15 years of experience providing accounting and tax services to owner-managed businesses, and a wide range of private sector organizations and entrepreneurs. The international nature of BDO ensures they are well positioned to help technology companies no matter where they are in their business life cycle. “We see real value in tech, and we want to help,” said Vig. “We understand that tech-focused entrepreneurs have unique needs and this new team will be focused on providing customized and core services that ensure entrepreneurs can stay focused on innovating.”

Although BDO has been working with small and mid-sized OKGNtech companies for many years, this recent move to build out a tech-specific team, as well as their investment in a partnership with Accelerate Okanagan, represents a more substantial investment to this sector.

“We have frequent in-person access to David O’Neill, a SR&ED and gov’t grant specialist focused on helping technology companies,” Vig explains. “We also offer technology programs like VC Day, which occurs in the Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver markets to assist young tech companies access experts and investors.”

Meet the team amazing team of experts BDO has pulled together to help support OKGNtech:

Connect with Britt

Connect with Brennen

Connect with Jeanie

There are two more members of BDO’s tech team to mention, Manager, Karter Basran who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business owners, and Business Valuation Specialist, Lorne Rodenhizer.

Looking for more ways to connect with the BDO team? They will be hosting bi-monthly office hours at Accelerate Okanagan starting on March 4th. You can also catch them at our next Funding and Support presentation on March 27th.

Want to learn more about resources available here? Connect with me and let’s find out where you can plug into the OKGNtech community.

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