Blog October 29, 2019

Posted by Eryca

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Fact: Formerly a retirees dream, the Okanagan is quickly transforming into a hotspot for young tech entrepreneurs. Want to learn more? Telus Story Hive recently released a short film exploring our thriving community some of the innovators responsible for building the fastest growing tech hub in Canada.

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The fact that we have an innovation centre based solely to help with the growth of technology and the sharing of ideas and the knowledge-based economy I think is another sign that Kelowna is serious about tech and wanting to keep it here and continue to see it flourish — Colin Basran, Mayor, City of Kelowna




I think what’s really special in our region is the sense of collaboration – so you can move here and you’re a big fish in a smaller pond – so the types of resources and support systems that you get you wouldn’t get in a larger centre — Brea Lake, CEO, Accelerate Okanagan




Kelowna was exciting to me because there was this tech scene that was just starting and it’s been around for a while and there has been a lot of people that have done a lot with technology in this area, but you could tell it was on an upswing – that curve was coming. And I was really excited about that, and to be someone that could maybe help shape it a little bit or just be a part of that is exciting. —Justin Goodhew, CEO, Trellis


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This particular industry is good to grow because it is very clean the demographics that we employ are the younger generation. The millennials are much more conscious about the environment, they are much more conscious about social issues – so it’s good to grow! —Raghwa Gopal, President, and CEO, Innovate BC



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