Blog November 22, 2019

Posted by Harrison Crerar



It’s an extraordinary call to action that the tech sector has put out to the community—to give back and encourage social responsibility.

Communities are woven together through collaboration and like-minded goals. Sewn into those threads is an inherent trust and willingness to support each other in the pursuit of that collaboration. We all have stories where we’ve gone out of our way to aid another community member, whether it was with a grand display of generosity or a small gesture at just the right time. We do it because we all have similar moments—we pay it forward.

OKGNtech for Good is a campaign that started as a result of our community’s supportive nature. Put on by Trellis, OKGNtech for Good challenges the OKGNtech community to raise $1 million dollars for charities in need.

On November 29, OKGNtech for Good will be held once again. This time, our friends at Strawhouse will have the honour of hosting the community. As always, Startup Drinks is a free event but, if you’re feeling generous, there are various donation options as well!

Here’s a look at our progress so far…

  • Total raised – $105,009

  • Number of supporters – 109

  • Number of companies joining the movement – 5 (6 including Strawhouse)

How’d we get here? It was a group effort…

MAVAN Capital Partners OKGNtech Showcase

MAVAN Capital Partners hosted an event that sought to teach attendees about investing in technology. A panel discussion was held, featuring local companies, that spoke to the impact investing has made on their companies. Through their event, they were able to raise over $2,500 by the time the evening drew to a close!  

Untitled drawing.png

Trellis and AO Startup Drinks

Startup Drinks is a monthly meetup that brings together the whole OKGNtech community, with the help of Accelerate Okanagan—Can we talk about how many people came? There was so much energy, people were really excited to attend the first-ever Startup Drinks that also sought to raise money for a cause. Networking, drinks, and fundraising? Yes, please.


The Impact for CAC Kelowna

The Child Advocacy Centre now has champions ready to help face the burdens of fundraising. Through these events, CAC has also been able to increase its visibility within the OKGNtech community.

It’s so powerful to see an entire sector rally around a single cause, and I think it’s going to be really exciting watching the impact that is made when such a broad collection of individuals come together to give back.

Want to host a fundraising event but can’t find that great idea? Maybe one of these will fit your style:
  • Holiday Parties

    • Ask attendees to donate to the chosen cause when purchasing tickets. Maybe they get a shout-out or extra drink ticket for donating.

  • Office Back Sale

    • Ask employees to bring treats for the office all for a good cause. What talks more than money? Baked goods.

  • Adult Lemonade Stand

    • Having some Friday libations? Ask employees to donate for a drink! And a great opportunity to invite some friends to join in. *Cough* We don’t have any Friday plans… just saying.

  • Christmas Donations (The Human Fund)

    • Instead of an office gift exchange, set up a charitable donation that employees can contribute to.

Want in on this amazing challenge? Join us for  Startup Drinks on November 29 at Strawhouse! Every bit (and beer) counts!

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