Meet the 2023 Summit Quarter Finalists

News January 25, 2023

Posted by Jessica Wicks

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The OKGN Angel Summit officially kicked off on January 9. This year we have an investment fund of $225,000 on the table for one courageous startup.

The OKGN Angel Summit officially kicked off on January 9. This year we have an investment fund of $225,000 on the table for one courageous startup. 

The group of 43 angel investors have been meeting week-over-week to review 45+ applications from companies across Western Canada. The investors have narrowed it down to the Top 24 companies that will deliver their first 3 minute pitch at the Quarter Finals in hopes of continuing their journey toward the $225k investment. 

If you are just learning about the OKGN Angel Summit, it is a 10 week program where accredited investors and startup founders are introduced to the world of angel investing through a guided process that includes multiple pitch events and hands-on training sessions. This process provides participants with a chance to learn how businesses are vetted, complete due diligence, and improve their chances of receiving investment. The program ends with a live public pitch event, where the investors will select one company to receive the $225k investment from the fund. 

Let’s meet this year’s Quarter Finalists:

A&K Robotics

Vancouver, BC

Matthew Anderson, CEO

A&K Robotics is building single-occupancy electric autonomous micro-mobility pods that will change how people are moved around in our world. Increasing accessibility and decreasing our carbon footprint.

Visit A & K Robotics

Vancouver, BC

Mohammad Dabiri, CEO

Autonopia enables the high-rise facade services industry with severe labor shortage and 40-50% worker turnover to deliver projects using 80% less labor, 30-40% less cost, and without risking the life of their workers, and we achieve it using our patent-pending robot.

Visit Autonopia
ConstructionClock Inc.

Winnipeg, MB

David Peters, Founder

The first hands-free labour tracking app, dedicated to the construction industry.

Visit Construction Clock
Delphi Technology Group

Winnipeg, MB

Alan Tay, Co-founder and CEO

Delphi Technology Corp works with organizations to increase their training capacity by attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining their future workforce.

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“Capital is critical, and access to the right people is a game changer for start-ups. The Angel Summit has provided that access and the education to succeed.”

Fraser Johnston

CEO, EntheoTech

Earthware Reusables Inc.

Calgary, AB

John MacInnes, Founder & CEO

Reusable takeout packaging as a service.

Visit Earthware Reusables
EntheoTech Bioscience Inc.

Kelowna, BC

Fraser Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO

ET provides multi-disciplinary wellness solutions with the primary focus on treating chronic pain and mental health issues using psychedelic-assisted therapies, interventional pain treatments and innovative healing modalities such as breathwork and somatic techniques.

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Calgary, AB

Dennis Kambeitz, CEO

Robotics and A.I. are transforming all industries, increasing the need for employees with stronger technical literacies; EZ-Robot prepares youth and adults for an evolved workplace.

Visit EZ-Robot
Frigus Opus Industries

Kelowna, BC

Perienne Simone de Jaray, Founder & CEO

The worlds best and most technical wearable cooling solution for the workforce in a global crisis of increasingly hot temperatures and work environments.

Visit Frigus Opus
iMaster Health

Kelowna, BC

Amanda Holyk, Founder & CEO

 For patients diagnosed with a chronic lung disease, iMaster Health provides instant access to personalized, evidence-based rehabilitation programs available online to help people live and breathe better.

Visit iMaster Health

“This year we have the highest number of founders and investors participating, which demonstrates the continued need for entrepreneurs to access growth capital and investors still looking for investable companies.”

Thuy Tran

Director of Programs, Accelerate Okanagan

Kula Foods

Vancouver, BC

Asha Wheeldon, Founder & CEO

Plant-based lifestyle is the future. We’re elevating the culture one plate at a time by creating space for diverse nourishing food for a more inclusive plant-forward future.

Visit Kula Foods
Loba Wellness Inc.

Vancouver, BC

Kate Bouchard, CEO

At Loba, using technology and smart design, we are developing a platform that streamlines pill and supplement management – beginning with Loba’s smart, Wifi connected pill organizer and the Loba app.

Visit Shop Loba

Regina, SK

Jessica McNaughton, Founder

Connecting the world through stories.

Visit Memory KPR

Vancouver, BC

Kevin Rogers, CEO

Combining neuro-hormonal, DNA and behavioral assessment using artificial intelligence to improve the quality and precision of mood disorder treatment.

Visit Mood MD

Vancouver, BC

Brianne Miller, Founder & CEO

Nada refills and delivers responsibly sourced groceries and goods to grocery shoppers and businesses wanting to reduce their food and packaging waste.

Visit Nada Grocery

“This year we are seeing more applicants from outside of the region, which showcases the Okanagan as a destination not only to grow your startup, but also a place to come to raise capital.”

Jessica Wicks

Program Lead, Accelerate Okanagan

NANOSentinel Technologies

Burnaby, BC

Viridiana Perez, CEO

NANOSentinel is a B2B platform as a service company bringing process optimization to the clean tech OEMs with the only plug and play metal monitoring system.

Visit Nano Sentinel
OnTraccr Technologies

Vancouver, BC

Syed Ahmed, CEO

OnTraccr is a SaaS platform that helps construction businesses automate their ‘busy work’ so they can do more with less.

Visit OnTraccr
Perfectly Snug

Vancouver, BC

Jason Elliott, President

Perfectly Snug’s intelligent bed cooling technology dramatically improves hot sleeper’s sleep quality.

Visit Perfectly Snug
Perks Liftwear

Kelowna, BC

Genevieve Kelln, Founder

Perks creates butt enhancing liftwear (TM) for the modern woman to shape and sculpt her already beautiful curves.

Visit Perks Liftwear

North Saanich, BC

Stephen Parslow, CEO

We empower hairstylists to grow (and fall in love with) their business by reducing lost revenue from client no-shows and non-revenue producing admin tasks.

Visit Salon Monster
“This is Tradesflow’s second year in the OKGN Summit. The quality mentorship and training we receive as participants makes us grow as entrepreneurs, and the connections made are invaluable.”

Sumner Dunn

CEO, Tradesflow


Nelson, BC

Brad Pommen, President & CEO

SMRT1 is disrupting the traditional vending market with interactive smart vending machines in Retail and Healthcare sectors.

Visit Smrt1

Kelowna, BC

Jason Lotoski, Founder

TONIT is a social network for the 200+million motorcycle enthusiasts. Tonit allows you to find and connect with people that you would have never found on any other platform.

Visit Tonit

Kelowna, BC

Sumner Dunn, CEO & Founder

The “Fisher Price” of field management software, Tradesflow is designed to simplify and unify all the moving pieces around owning a small home service business, making profitability more attainable, and sustainable.

Visit Tradesflow

Pitt Meadows, BC

Greg Smith, CEO & Co-Founder

Filling empty trunks already on the road with goods that need to be moved.

Visit Trunkit

Vancouver, BC

Amin Eskooch, Founder & CEO

Mortgage Made Easy.

Visit Wiibid

Following the Quarter Finals, the investors will refine their list even further to determine which 12 companies will move on to the Semi Finals. And soon, they will be selecting the final 6 companies that will pitch at the live public Finale on March 16. 


Stay up to date with the OKGN Angel Summit and the participating companies as they continue their journey through the summit on our blog and on our website.

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