Okanagan’s First Medical Clinic for Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Now Taking Patients

News March 22, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Okanagan’s First Medical Clinic for Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Now Taking Patients Featured Image

KELOWNA, British Columbia – The EntheoMed Ketamine Suite, a division of Kelowna-based EntheoTech Bioscience Inc., opens to the public on April 4th, 2022 at their private accredited clinic located at 1835 Gordon Drive inside Capri Centre Mall.

EntheoMed provides psychedelic-assisted therapy with medical oversight for Treatment Resistant Depression and other mental health indications. EntheoMed’s Odyssey Method is a program that delivers intramuscular ketamine paired with psychotherapy, preparation, and integration to foster greater personal insight and lasting psychological change.

“There is an urgent need for compassionate mental health care that carefully balances new and traditional medicines in a safe setting, helping people recalibrate and change the trajectory of their lives,” says Dr. Francois Louw, Clinical Associate Professor at UBC’s Department of Family Practice, Co-Founder of the Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre, and Chief Medical Officer at EntheoTech.

EntheoMed’s intramuscular ketamine-assisted therapy is provided by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, and psychedelic facilitators for an integrative wellness experience.

Dr. Michael Ocana, Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine and EntheoTech’s Head of Psychiatry explains, “Psychedelic medicine is showing promise as a safe and effective way to treat mental health. A new healing paradigm is needed as many are not responding to current medical and psychotherapeutic approaches. We are pleased to have assembled a world-class medical team including Medical Director Dr. Anita Sanan.”

Dr. Anita Sanan concludes, “Mental health wellness is just as important as any other type of healthcare, be it diabetes, or cardiac disease. It’s time to shift beyond traditional approaches to mental health, and explore innovative, evidence-based solutions to help people optimize their healing journey. I am excited by ketamine-assisted therapy’s potential and how it may revolutionize care.”

“As regulations evolve, our focus will be on psychedelic medicines to promote positive change in the global mental health crisis and destigmatization of psychedelics in the Okanagan and beyond,” says EntheoTech’s President and Pharmacist Esther Simmons-Foot.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit entheomed.ca to book a consultation and for further information on the EntheoMed Ketamine Suite.

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