New Mental Health Course Created by Men for Men

News December 9, 2021

Posted by Harrison Crerar

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KELOWNA, BC, December 8, 2021 – HeChangedIt and Discovery College, a Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Kelowna initiative, have collaborated to create and release a new course designed to engage and support men.

The It’s Tough To Talk is designed as a ‘go at your own pace’ style course and is entirely free and available through the he. app.

The course is the first collaboration between HeChangedIt, a mobile platform specifically for men, and Discovery College. “When we were working to develop this course we knew we had to do the research to really find out what was important to men when it comes to opening up about what’s going on in their lives,” said Discovery College Lead Beki Hardcastle. “So we took the time to bring a group of men from our community together and talked to them about what they found to be helpful, and in turn, incorporated that into our course.”

It’s Tough To Talk focuses on topics like developing skills around communication and relationship building. Hardcastle says the course also encourages men to practice the skills they have learned and to talk online to other men who are completing the course. “It’s not just about learning new tools, it’s also about building a community and knowing you’re not on your own finding it hard to talk about things.”

“We are so grateful for the work that Discovery College and CMHA Kelowna do on a daily basis,” says HeChangedIt co-founder Candace Chisholm. “It has been extremely rewarding to work with this organization and to help provide another way to share help and support with as many men as possible.”

A dozen men were involved in the creation and design of It’s Tough To Talk . Some shared their personal stories on the course videos as a way to further break down the feelings of isolation that some men feel when it comes to talking about their mental health.

After more than eight months of development the course is now available to any man, 18 and up, who wants to sign up. It can be accessed by downloading the free he. app on any smart device.

Hardcastle says her hope is that through this course, they’ve created a place where men can be real about how they are feeling.  “At the end of the day, it’s tough to talk – and it can be even more so for men. So we want to provide a platform, some skills, and knowledge that help men share what they are going through and a way to manage through it.”

About HeChangedIt

He Changed It is a mobile app created with the intent of a pro active approach to health and well being for men. Encouraging “Balance Before Burnout”, the he. app provides tools, resources, and most importantly, a peer community, to work through obstacles that hinder a balanced life. The app focuses on mental, emotional, physical, soul and social fitness.

He Changed It

About Discovery College
CMHA Kelowna’s Discovery College offers free educational courses for anyone and everyone. Each course is developed and delivered in collaboration with people who have knowledge and personal experience in each topic area and are designed to increase a person’s skills, abilities and confidence to self-manage their own mental health and wellbeing.

Discovery College

About CMHA Kelowna

The CMHA Kelowna Branch is a charity that promotes the mental health of all through community-based programs and services, public education, advocacy and research. It is the lead agency and operator of Foundry Kelowna, an integrated youth and family centre that unites partner organizations to provide coordinated services addressing the primary care, mental health, substance use, counseling and social service needs of youth aged 12 – 24 and their families. CMHA Kelowna is part of a network of more than 10,000 CMHA volunteers and staff in more than 80 branches across Canada.

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