New Environmental Law Pro Bono Clearinghouse Site Launched

News March 15, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

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Cheeky Monkey Media announces the launch of Environmental Law Institute’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse microsite, where no environmental matters go unrepresented.

Kelowna, BC – March 15, 2022. Cheeky Monkey Media, a web development agency helping organizations maximize the value from their websites, announces the launch of nonprofit client Environmental Law Institute’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse microsite.

The major goal of the US-based ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse is to address the world’s vast “legal deserts”, where communities do not have ready access to the legal support they need. The project had an altruistic overarching goal, which was to systemize an inefficient, ad hoc process typically undertaken by individual attorneys seeking out environmental pro bono matters.

Cheeky Monkey’s team created an intuitive and engaging micro-portal on the ELI website that allows communities to get matters in front of attorneys after the matter has been vetted by either an environmental law clinic or partner organization, allows attorneys to connect with matters and contact the communities or individuals that posted them, and allows environmental law clinics to request additional person power for on-going matters.

The new microsite design is sophisticated, blends seamlessly with the current site, and is now easy to manage for ELI staff, clerks, and interns.

ELI sees the Clearinghouse as a new and exciting way for legal experts to engage creativity, expertise, and passion. The Clearinghouse also acts as a resource to law clinics by providing them with a platform to post requests for specific legal expertise, non-legal experts, and local counsel.

The first phase of the project was the design, development and launch of a basic portal, whereas the second phase will build upon what Cheeky Monkey created, and add in more advanced features.

About the ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse

The ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse connects communities seeking pro bono environmental representation with environmental attorneys and experts ready to serve them. It accepts matters that have been previously vetted by law clinics, and works to ensure that no environmental matters go unrepresented. When clinics determine that cases are viable but are forced to reject them due to resource limitations, or because the matter is outside their scope of practice, communities can post a request for an attorney with the right qualifications on the Clearinghouse website. Environmental attorneys can in turn search for pro bono opportunities that match with their time availability and legal expertise.

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