Navigator Multimedia Celebrates 30 Years

News July 6, 2023

Posted by Alanna Haggard

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Navigator Multimedia is one of Kelowna’s longest-standing digital marketing agencies and is celebrating its big 3-0 this year.

With its long history in the digital game, Navigator not only witnessed some of the internet’s biggest leaps but also helped guide businesses through those technological evolutions. A company with humble beginnings, one of its early tasks was transferring media files from older storage devices such as CDs and floppy disks (very popular back in the day). But today, the company is at the forefront of web design and marketing businesses online.

“Navigator Multimedia is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, which is not a small feat for the digital marketing world,” CEO Rob Raybould says. “We’re proud of how far the company has come and where it’s going.”

To commemorate its 30th birthday, Navigator put together the top 30 digital strategies it has learned from three decades in the industry. It is a way to inform the community of its milestone and to share some of its knowledge. Whether it’s creating a mobile-friendly website that’s easy to navigate or using fine-tuned brand voices to create emotional connections for its clients’ customers, Navigator knows how to get the job done.

By partnering with Navigator Multimedia, businesses not only stand to gain an amplified online presence but also benefit from ongoing support, analytics and updates, ensuring their digital strategies remain effective and relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

But no two businesses are alike, and Navigator knows exactly how to tailor their services to the clients they partner with. Its small but mighty team of 10 employees and contractors each have a specialized role within the organization, from SEO experts to developers and project managers, to help its clients with their particular business needs. Raybould says his employees “impress me every day” with what they produce.

Navigator’s ability to deliver high-quality websites and digital services for its clients comes from the relationships it has built since 1993. It’s not a traditional business-client connection but a partnership of understanding, and a passion to help its clients become successful. Navigator gets to know each of its clients and their needs so well that it can offer suggestions that will take its clients’ vision from a hazy dream to a successful reality.

“We’ve been here for 30 years, and we’re planning on being here for at least another 30 years,” Raybould says. “We attribute a lot of our 30 years of success to the partnerships we build. We intimately know the companies that we help, and we can strategize with them.”

Navigator specializes in marketing for tourism industry and housing service industry clients, such as property managers, developers, landscapers, and interior designers. Ready to partner with anyone who needs to be noticed, who needs to drive traffic to their website or who is looking for an improvement to their bottom line, Navigator wants to help guide your business on its path to success.

Navigator Multimedia stays on top of the ever-evolving algorithms and digital trends, applying the best strategies to enhance each client’s online presence and help it outrank competitors in search engine results. Its holistic approach includes business brandingweb designcontent creation, search engine optimization, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising, ensuring a well-rounded and impactful digital footprint.

“We’re always testing and proving strategies,” Raybould says, “and then we’re able to share that with our partners to build a network of success.”

More information about Navigator Multimedia, as well as its 30 digital strategies for businesses online, can be found on its website.

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