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Blog December 5, 2019

Posted by Harrison Crerar

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OKGNtech is booming! With an economic impact of close to $1.7 Billion, almost 13,000 jobs, and year-over-year growth of 15% for the past 5 years, the Okanagan’s tech community is showing no sign of slowing down.

There is so much excitement within the OKGNtech community. People are enthusiastic to help and support one another and that feeling is contagious.

– Alex Goodhew, Community Manager, Accelerate Okanagan

There is no better way to plug into the OKGNtech community than through Accelerate Okanagan’s membership program. Whether you’re a tech company or a supporter of the tech industry, there are lots of reasons to join this growing movement. Here is a look at just some of the perks:

Member Profile – See your company listed among our members. Get your brand seen through our website!

Press Release Promotion – Take advantage of the reach our blogs can provide. We’ll get the word out by sharing a press release for your event or your brand.

Unlimited Free Job Board Postings  – Share your job opportunities through our team’s job board. Extend your reach!

Discounted Featured Job Postings – Push your job opportunities further! Get up to $100 off featured postings through our job board. Featured postings are displayed on screens around the Innovation Centre and included in the OKGNtech newsletter.

Access to Community Resume Bank – Find the perfect fit for your company! Take advantage of our curated list of resumes from members of the OKGNtech community.

Access to Startup Mentorship Programming – Need help finding the path? Take advantage of our suite of Mentors to help guide you towards your vision. The Startup mentorship program will help you identify roadblocks and opportunities to help get your company on its feet.

Access to Scale Up Mentorship Programming – Can’t find the growth you need? Break through that glass ceiling. By participating in the Scale-Up Mentorship program, you’ll find the push you need to get your company growing into its next evolution.

Subject Matter Expert Access – Lost? We know the way. Get in contact with experts in the field of work you are building in. Gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can help you better understand the sector you are about to disrupt.

Advance Event Tickets – Get the opportunity to attend more events by getting early access to tickets to our community events!

Discount Event Tickets – Gain more access to Accelerate Okanagan’s events by receiving discounts on tickets.

Priority Drop-in Desk Access – We’ll play favourites. Reserve our drop-in desks whenever you need them. You’ll get first pick over these shared spaces.

Discounted Meeting Room Rentals – Make it easier to hold some off-site meetings. Get a discount on booking meeting rooms within Accelerate Okanagan’s shared space.

Fist Bumps & High Fives – We’re here to cheer you on. Who could say no to a solid high five?

We recently caught up with our Community Manager, Alex Goodhew to talk membership perks, event intel, and all things OKGNtech!

Q. What do you love most about the OKGNtech community? 

The people! The OKGNtech community is home to a cross-section of support organizations, tech companies, entrepreneurs, and newcomers to the Okanagan. There is something palpable about what is happening in this growing ecosystem right now — a kind of excitement and sense of limitless possibility. I think the momentum of this 15% growth, year-over-year has got our community rallying to support one another and that is something really amazing to be a part of.

Meet Our Community >>

Q. Can you outline the current membership options? 

Memberships are designed to provide resources and connections for local companies. There are two types of memberships available:

Tech Company – Coaching founders and tech leaders is at the core of what we do so naturally we designed a founder-focused membership to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive. Access to the OKGNworks shared space, mentorship programs, and expert access are just a few of those perks.

Tech Supporter – Our community isn’t just founders—it’s also companies and individuals passionate about enabling those founders. We’re all about supporting the supporters too, so we created a membership option just for them! Perks supporters can expect to receive include discounted meeting rooms, postings to our job board, We are OKGNtech profile, and more!

Q. What are some events I can look forward to? 

Our annual New Year Kick Off event (NYKO) is an amazing opportunity to connect and plugin with the OKGNtech community and have some fun!  This sold-out event is held at BNA in the second week of January. It’s great networking but it’s also just a really good time.

Check Out NYKO >>

Another noteworthy event is our OKGN Angel Summit Finale. This event is hosted at the Innovation Centre in early spring and promises the excitement of 6 pitches, 30 investors and a winner that walks home with $130K investment. Think Dragon’s Den meets American Idol and then add a happy hour.

View The Summit >>

Q. Where do I sign up to become a member? 

You can find all the details on our memberships (including a full list of perks) through our website. Plus we’ve made signing up a cinch. If you have more questions, stop by the Innovation Centre and say “hi” or shoot me an email and we can get your questions answered.

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