Mamas for Mamas, Central Okanagan Food Bank, and teaming up to help the most vulnerable this Holiday Season.

News December 2, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Mamas for Mamas, Central Okanagan Food Bank, and teaming up to help the most vulnerable this Holiday Season. Featured Image

Mamas for Mamas, the Central Okanagan Food Bank, and have teamed up to launch a Holiday Gift Drive. Our campaign is asking local businesses to upload Gift Cards or items to Okanagan residents can shop for gifts on the site and the proceeds from each purchase will go to Mamas for Mamas and the Central Okanagan Food Bank.

Beginning immediately we are asking local businesses to go to and add a gift card or item to the campaign. Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented rise in the usage of Food Banks and other charitable organizations like Mamas for Mamas across the world. The Okanagan is no different. The difficulty faced by many charities is that support from local businesses has slowed down as they have also been financially impacted by covid-19.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage our community to support local businesses when shopping this holiday season and to offer local businesses an innovative way to support the community. Instead of making cash donations, businesses can support charity by selling their goods and services on When the items are purchased the money is sent electronically to the charities and a tax receipt is issued to the business that made the donation.

Pickup of purchased gifts is done in person and we encourage all of our supporters to practice safe measures while in public.

Last year Mamas for Mamas teamed up with, Shea Weber, and Carey Price offering signed prints of a Charcoal Portrait made by Charitables founder – John Perlinger. There are a handful of remaining prints that will be available for purchase on again this year as part of this Holiday Gift Drive. is a social enterprise and part of Accelerate Okanagan. While the Okanagan Lifestyle, weather, and beauty made it an attractive home, one of the main reasons they moved headquarters to Kelowna is the amazing community. Charitables is honored to be a part of the Okanagan and very excited to see this campaign benefit many of the great people who call it home.

For any questions and or comments about the campaign or how to get involved please contact John at Charitables – 604-996-3919, Shannon at Mamas – 250-718-1095, or Sarah at the Central Okanagan Food Bank – 250-763-7161 ext. 202

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