Loop Media Group announces creation of a new division Hi-Jane

Blog June 7, 2018

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

Loop Media Group announces creation of a new division Hi-Jane Featured Image

Loop Media Group, leaders in mobile marketing technology and the creators of Canada’s largest offers platform, GetintheLoop, are excited to announce the creation of a new division and mobile product, Hi-Jane.

Hi-Jane is built to be a turn-key, local marketing solution in the ever evolving cannabis landscape in Canada. Hi-Jane will allow dispensaries and cannabis affiliated businesses to connect directly with opted-in consumers to build brand awareness, drive new sales, create loyalty, and put their business and products on the map.  

“Like all Loop Media Group products, Hi-Jane will leverage our existing technology platform to provide dispensaries with best-in-class location based marketing, a partner service team to ensure success, and a data analytics dashboard to help our cannabis partners better understand trends and best practices for customer attraction.” – Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO.

Hi-Jane will empower companies to educate and promote their products and services to customers with a simple and effective user experience. It will provide the consumer with an easy and discreet way to learn more about the cannabis industry, products, and locations of dispensaries. In addition, the app will have exclusive offers, events, and experiences for Hi-Jane members.

Loop Media Group is excited about Hi-Jane’s market niche, due to strict advertising regulations that make it challenging for cannabis businesses to market themselves through traditional public-facing advertising channels.

“The cannabis industry is an exciting space for our company to get involved in” – Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO.

“The cannabis industry is an exciting space for our company to get involved in,” said Crowell. “We believe we can be very successful by leveraging our technology and expertise in the mobile app space. We have already created significant interest from some leading cannabis players and look forward to successfully launching the free app once everything is legalized, and we can get clarity on the regulations.”

Loop Media Group is also pleased to announce that Christine Bay has joined as Director of Growth for Hi-Jane. Christine brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, with a focus on marketing and sales.

“I am extremely excited to be driving the growth and launch of Hi-Jane alongside Matt and his team. The product is going to help everyone in the cannabis space in some way. Whether you’re a wholesaler, a dispensary or dispensary group, retail outlet, or auxiliary-affiliated shop, you can save time, attract new customers and grow your business with Hi-Jane.” – Christine Bay, Director of Growth, Hi-Jane.

Based out of Kelowna, B.C., Loop Media Group initially launched its flagship consumer product, GetintheLoop, in 2013. Today GetintheLoop is the largest offers platform in Canada and connects hundreds of national and local brands to consumer across 35 cities. Loop Media Group recently announced the creation of Loop Enterprise, a white-labeled solution that helps brands world wide use the power of offers to build and directly engage their mobile audience, while driving new revenue and obtaining detailed consumer data.

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