Local startup uses Trellis to fundraise for local charity Mamas for Mamas by selling Carey Price and Shea Weber signed prints

Blog December 18, 2019

Posted by Eryca

Local startup uses Trellis to fundraise for local charity Mamas for Mamas by selling Carey Price and Shea Weber signed prints Featured Image

John Perlinger, founder of Chartiables.com, created a large charcoal portrait of NHL hockey players Carey Price and Shea Weber celebrating at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This art piece has now been turned into prints and is being sold to raise money for local charity Mamas for Mamas.

These much loved Montreal Canadien players who have strong ties to Kelowna are helping raise money for local charity Mamas for Mamas this holiday season.

As an art school drop-out, Perlinger had the idea to create a charcoal drawing and capture it on video. He then sent it to Montreal, where Price and Weber graciously signed and sent it back.

To sell the prints, Perlinger is using local startup Trellis Social Enterprise Inc. “I was so excited to partner with Trellis for this project. They are passionate about giving back and raising funds for local organizations so the alignment was perfect” states John. Through Trellis, Perlinger is selling these prints around the world, with buyers even located in Switzerland.

Perlinger says he picked Mamas for Mamas to receive the donations because “Coming from a family of five kids, I often felt scarcity as a child and know how challenging the holidays can be for single parents. And now as a parent myself, I am so thankful to be able to give back to Mamas for Mamas and support the incredible work that they do in the community”. You can find the prints on Trellis here.

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Perlinger launched his online charity site, Charitables back in the fall and describes it as a marketplace where users can buy and sell items, giving all proceeds from the sales to their chosen charity. As he starts out, he’ll be selling these prints to raise money for Mamas for Mamas and help get Charitables off the ground.

For this project, he’s using Trellis, a local startup founded by Justin Goodhew right here in the Okanagan. Trellis is a social enterprise connecting people with simple solutions to champion causes they are passionate about. Through the platform, users can start an event or fundraiser for charity within minutes, raise more funds for their causes, and automate the administrative side of fundraising. Founded in 2018, Trellis is now a team of 10 people, bringing philanthropy into the modern age, growing events and community initiatives into a greater force for social good. You can learn more about trellis here.

Trellis Social Enterprise Inc, founded in 2018. With Trellis you can participate in, or host fundraising events for impactful causes. Attend, get connected, help others, improve your community. 

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For further information or interviews, contact:

Rebecca Alfred | Marketing Lead | rebecca@trellis.org or 250.864.7917

 You can purchase the prints here on Trellis.

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