Klonetics Provides Canadian Licensed Producers Access to the Largest Breeder-certified Cannabis Strain Catalogue in the World

News December 17, 2021

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Klonetics Provides Canadian Licensed Producers Access to the Largest Breeder-certified Cannabis Strain Catalogue in the World Featured Image

KELOWNA, BC, Dec. 16, 2021 – Klonetics Plant Science Inc received its Nursery Cultivation licence to produce cannabis starting materials available for sale to the cannabis industry in Canada in June 2021. Operating out of an impressive 25,000 Square Foot state of the art facility in Kelowna, Klonetics produces Ready to Flower plants at an industrial scale for Canadian licensed producers and has the capability to provide 2.8 million ready to flower plants  to the market annually and with capacity to reach over 4 million by 2022. Since receiving its license Klonetics has taken orders from licensed producers across the country and is now shipping clones to every single Canadian province. The first run of many cultivars were sold out within days of release.

Klonetics isn’t your typical cannabis nursery operation, however. The company has invested in building what is the largest known collection of breeder-backed strains in the global cannabis industry by partnering with the most legendary breeders in the world; the pioneers of the cannabis industry, many of whom created the strains we all know and love today. All Klonetics cultivars are breeders-cut,  direct from the source, and bring legacy market partners and knowledge to the table in unprecedented ways.

The breeders that Klonetics is proud to have exclusive partnerships with include: Brothers Grimm, Breeder Steve, Karma Genetics, Sonic Seeds, Temple Garden, THSeeds out of Amsterdam, Gage Green Group, Indian Landrace Exchange, Africa Seeds, R-Keim, Resin Seeds, MedCann, and The Legacy Market. David Brough, CEO shared, “We are so honoured to have this powerhouse group set to be complete with one final major Breeder announcement ready to come from the california market!  With over 450 Gold Medals in the vault and over 93 live strains growing in the building currently, we are confident Klonetics will drive market share for our clients.” 

This exclusive partnership model with breeders is an industry-first and creates a product quality that is unrivaled. Klonetics will be rolling out a Certified Breeders Cut badge in 2022 to include on all packaging so that producers know when they buy from Klonetics, they are getting premium breeders-cut strains.

Earlier this year Klonetics completed a 3.5M funding round to finance equipment and is currently raising an additional 2M with Mavan Capital Partners leading the round with 900K of the 2M raised to date.

About Klonetics

Klonetics Plant Science Inc is a licensed cannabis nursery based in Kelowna B.C. that provides cannabis starting materials to licensed producers and micro cultivators in Canada. Klonetics specializes in industrial-scale cannabis tissue culture propagation, Ready to Plant clone plantlets, Ready to Flower plants, advanced genomics and breeding. Klonetics offers the most extensive range of proprietary strains in the cannabis industry backed by breeders. Visit klonetics.com to learn more.

About Mavan Capital Partners

MAVAN Capital Partners is managed by a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced executives and active investors, bringing over 100 years of private capital and technology industry experience. MAVAN’s investor and founder-first philosophy is supported by their extensive operational, administrative and private equity experience.

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