Kelowna Software Launches Okanagan Tech Desk to Provide Free IT Advice

News March 11, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Kelowna Software Launches Okanagan Tech Desk to Provide Free IT Advice Featured Image

A company recently named Kelowna’s Face of Tech for 2022 has created an online help desk to provide Okanagan businesses with free professional IT guidance.

After seeing many local companies overpaying for technology, experiencing cyber security breaches and implementing the wrong systems, Kelowna Software CEO, David Herrington and his team decided it was time to help. They created Okanagan Tech Desk, a free online help desk for professional technology advice.

“As a start-up we are acutely aware of the costs of doing business in BC, and we want to help support other local businesses and entrepreneurs by providing free technology advice. In the age of information, good information can be hard to find, and we’ve seen bad tech information cost companies lots of money and time,” says Herrington. “We are really invested in the success of our community, and one of the things we can do is provide professional advice so businesses can avoid costly tech missteps.”

The Kelowna Software team behind Okanagan Tech Desk has over 90 years of experience ranging all the way from installing office printers, to creating national defense security solutions, and building augmented reality software.

“Companies who join the Okanagan Tech Desk can expect honest answers about technology questions and general advice that will help prevent them from having to hire someone to solve IT problems down the line. Questions could be anything from how to improve password security, what internet provider is best, or the easiest way to backup data,” Herrington says. “Think of it as your ‘phone a friend’ lifeline for all things tech-related except there’s no limit to how many times you can use it.”

Kelowna Software is excited about the opportunity to support the community and create new partnerships along the way. Any Okanagan-based businesses can join the help desk here: Okanagan Tech Desk | Facebook.

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Kelowna Software is a diverse software development and IT solutions provider based out of the Okanagan. They specialize in helping local businesses increase productivity, improve workflows and develop new products.

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