Kelowna-based Tonit Motorcycle Community App Launched in App and Play Stores

Blog August 21, 2018

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

Kelowna-based Tonit Motorcycle Community App Launched in App and Play Stores Featured Image

Kelowna-based startup Tonit is launching an all-in-one motorcycle community app, developed by riders for riders. With a free download to iOS and Android, the app helps riders connect with other riders, plan, track and share routes, post bike-related experiences, and stay safer on the road. Bikers will never again wonder where their friends are at.

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The Tonit app provides a powerful social platform for motorcyclists, where the need for community, planning and increased safety for riders has not been met. Tonit members can discover new locations and the best places to ride, then share their photos and experiences. Users can also  find new riding friends with similar riding styles, plan group rides and track and share ride stats with the community.

Jason Lotoski, Founder and CEO of start-up Tonit, came up with the idea for the app out of a personal want. “We built this app because a while ago I was looking to go riding with people and there was no way to meet new riders and plan group rides, and I knew other riders who felt the same way. There was nothing that let people do everything motorcycle-related all in one place. We created Tonit to build a big community of people who wanted a convenient way to get together and share the things they love about motorcycling. ” 

There is a massive gap in the market for this kind of community and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Tonit (Beta version) is now available in North America in the App Store and the Google Play Store, and a full launch of the app with more features targeted for September 2018. Premium elements to be released in 2019 include a crash alert system and a buy and sell platform where riders can search for motorcycle parts, bikes, gear, and accessories. The app will also feature a real-time dashboard for track riders – displaying speed, lean, G’s pulled, break time and more – all shareable to friends, followers and the community.

For more information, screenshots, videos, and download links to the App Store and Google Play Store, check out the Tonit website.

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