Perfectly Snug’s Journey to the Summit

Blog March 2, 2023

Posted by Jessica Wicks

Perfectly Snug’s Journey to the Summit Featured Image
Jason Elliott is the President of Perfectly Snug in Richmond, BC. Perfectly Snug is a patented bed cooling system that automatically adjusts its temperature ensuring a good night’s sleep.

The 2023 OKGN Angel Summit began on January 10 with a group of over 45+ applicants hoping to take home the $225k investment fund. Over the past 2 months, this year’s angel investors have narrowed it down to the final 6 companies. These courageous founders have demonstrated their commitment to learning the capital raising process, and building valuable connections along the way. With the culmination of their hard work on the horizon, we caught up with each of the finalists to learn more about their backgrounds, their businesses, and the ambitious goals they hope to achieve if they receive the investment.

What makes you and your team the best ones to build this business?

We have extensive experience in developing high tech products, manufacturing, marketing, and building businesses. I am a thermal engineering expert, and I personally understand the customer’s needs first hand. Together with my co-founder, we have the end-to-end experience to make this venture a success.

Why should investors be interested in your company?

Our business is addressing a real problem experienced by the majority of the population, and we have developed an elegant and effective solution. We have already demonstrated product/market fit and have achieved market traction. Investors should be interested not only because of the potential for out-sized returns, but also because our product is reducing suffering and improving the health and happiness of our customers. 

Why should customers be excited about your business?

Our clients have already shown excitement for our business. Our current customer reviews average 5 stars, with comments ranging from, “best customer service” to “life changing product.” Our customers are excited because Perfectly Snug is giving them relief from long-standing sleep problems, and allowing them to finally sleep through the night. 

If you receive the $225K investment, what would you do with the funds? 

If we win, the investment will be used to get the word out about our product through influencers, product reviewers, improved marketing materials, advertising, and promotion. We believe the company will grow rapidly as the word gets out, as we have already demonstrated through our advertising efforts. 

What has this experience taught you about the entrepreneurial journey?

Being immersed in a community of skilled and experienced people who give straightforward feedback is essential in refining a business’ message and direction. This can be a rewarding process in the right environment with the right people.


“While raising money is hard work, it can be fun in a supportive environment like OKGN Angel Summit.”

Jason Elliott

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