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Blog June 12, 2018

Posted by Eryca

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OKGNworks is a membership-based coworking space located on the second floor of the Innovation Centre. This shared work space is powered by Accelerate Okanagan and designed to support early-stage companies and budding entrepreneurs.

Our evolving community of brave-hearted, rule-breakers and innovators are building companies from the ground up and shaping the future of #OKGNtech. This column is a chance for you to meet some of these game-changing hustlers and learn a little more about what they’re up to.

We recently caught up with Mike Lerner, co-founder of Greenspace Mental Health to learn more about who they are and what they are all about.


WHO. Mike is passionate about using his engineering skills and the power of technology to positively impact people’s lives. His tech-for good mentality was what helped sprout Greenspace, a web-based platform that enables therapists to track patient progress through treatment. Their mission is to improve patient treatment outcomes by translating key research conclusions into common practice.

WHAT. Greenspace has been assembling a team of technology entrepreneurs, healthcare experts, and world-class advisors, with a shared vision, to improve patient treatment outcomes. These game-changers have done this by creating a machine-learning algorithm that matches new patients with a care provider that is most likely to deliver a successful treatment outcome. All the patient has to do is complete medically validated assessments online and then the data is visually displayed to the therapist and patient in a way that is easy for both parties to understand.

WHERE. Greenspace Mental Health originally started out of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and has grown from four to twelve people in the past year. The team is now spread across two offices, with the product and engineering team based out of OKGNworks here at Accelerate Okanagan. “Working out of OKGNworks gives us the chance to work in a dynamic environment alongside other like-minded people and companies” said Lerner.

“Working out of #OKGNworks gives us the chance to work in a dynamic environment alongside other like-minded people and companies” said Lerner.

Recently, the Greenspace team has been focusing on going upmarket by supporting larger mental health clinics and psychiatric hospitals. They also have plans to expand beyond their first market in Ontario, across Canada and into the United States.

Interested in learning more about Greenspace? Connect with their team. 

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