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Blog August 21, 2019

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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The inaugural Hacking Health event will kick off on October 17, 2019 and we could not be more excited about it. This hackathon is a full day of facilitated hacking led by Rocky Ozaki and his team from the NoW of Work. Hacking Health is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with the leaders of healthcare and tech right here in the Interior of BC.

This Hackathon is part of a larger event series called The Future of Health, a conference we’re hosting in partnership with BC Cancer, Interior Health, and UBC Okanagan. This year, the Future of Health will have a focus on cancer and the problem statement for Hacking Health will zero in on inspiring community to support cancer prevention. 

What Does Hacking Actually Mean? 

The NoW of Work has developed an extremely powerful methodology for generating ideas and prototypes that can come alive in a matter of hours using a process called design thinking. This experience is all about learning to create an innovative mindset. Participants will be introduced to a problem statement and from there, they will form groups and get hacking. The hacking process looks something like this: 

This day-long, bootcamp style experience will teach the basics of human-centered design. There will be a panel of judges who review the ideas generated throughout the day and will be left with the impossible task of picking a winner. The winning idea will be presented the following day at the Future of Health event. 


Who Will Be There? 

This event will be made up of 50 hackathon participants and a group of 6 mentors. This group will consist of innovators and activators in the healthcare and innovation community throughout the Interior including team members from University of British Columbia, BC Cancer, Interior Health, Okanagan College, and Kelowna General Hospital. 

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If you’re a community partner passionate about healthcare solutions and looking to collaborate, Hacking Health is where you want to be. 

HEADS UP! This hackathon is not about coding or app development. This hackathon is about using collaboration and diversity as tools to inspire innovative ideas and solutions. Together we will learn the concept of design thinking and tackle a problem in a restricted amount of time using creative problem-solving. 

Who is Rocky Ozaki?

Rocky Ozaki is the Co-Founder of NoW of Work Inc. and the NoW-Academy.  Through his two businesses, Rocky helps people and companies to future proof. Now what does that mean? Future proofing is taking steps to minimize the stress of future events. So Rocky helps organizations navigate the future by becoming more innovative and naturally agile. So long story short – Rocky is an Innovation expert and you’ve got to meet him! 

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